ICOA User Representitive Election Resign Statement of Timothy Rue
Written 3/13/98

As mentioned in my Election Statement:

This election process is one of a democratic vote and might be viewed as
being to politically oriented.

The Amiga is not about politics but a tool for many to buy and use in many
ways. However, the Amiga is getting a new start, parented by Gateway 2000
but a child needing to become independant and self supporting thru
Amiga International and Amiga Inc.

I want the best person in this position of ICOA User Representitive.
I'm running because I don't know that I'm not.

You have to start somewhere, in a new start. For the first ICOA User
Representitive, a democratic vote is a good method. However, I believe we
should be able to replace this political flavor of vote with a more
certain user marketing plan, where a persons success will help qualify and
insure the best. However, this is a matter needing to be address and done
outside of the ICOA, thru and with Amiga International and then adopted by
the ICOA, once in order.


As is made clear above, I don't support politics but believe in a better
method of qualifing ICOA User Representitives. I need the best person in
this position. The one who it'll not be so easy for others to create an
excuse for, in any of their failures.

In view of the limited ICOA position, my vision for the Amiga is and has
been larger than this.

I'm not going to play the political game, because I don't need to in order
to promote the needed changes.

I get alot of people angry with me, because of the valid changes I push for.

With this people complain far to much when it comes to my communication
efforts. Everything from the wrong spelling of my name (due an error made
by another in my registering shareware) to complaints about my
communication abilities to complaints about my web pages (even when it's
clear that it was the industry that produced the poor feedback tools I used
to create them.) People have shown that even if I was perfect in everything
I did, they'd make up some complaint, and have. Simply because I push for
needed change.

I have a most certain influence in the Amiga community as well the rest of
the industry, thru the Amiga community. I know what is wrong and what
needs to change. I know it's not going to happen by being a nice guy where
there will be no complaints.

Politics is about being or putting on a nice guy front with good sounding
words and presentation that can and often filters the truth. It's not what
I'm about. Honest Productive Business is resistant to politics simply
because it realizes politics don't produce anything but only tries to
control everything. Both have a voting system. Politics receive a free
vote at selected times. Honest Business receives a continuious vote via.
the continuious sales of it's products and services which must continue to
be good.

As far as my perspective goes regarding the ICOA User Election, well let's
just say my influence (getting nominated and sponsors) did get peoples
attention to the Election. And that was the point!!!

The ICOA is what it is, recognized by Amiga In-. Having this organization
complete helps to give users a "possible" focal point for back and forth
communication. Only time will tell about the workings of this position.

I have plenty of followers! Both negitive and positive towards me in the
open, but it is thru knowing this and why, that I have influence and power
to cause change. And without holding any other position than being a
genuine end user who knows better, and that there is no reason to not have

To bad I don't currently receive any direct positive benefits from my
influence. But then that is one of the things needing to change. Not just
for me but all who put forth honesty to move things productively forward
in needed change. The Dishonest both hate me for it and use/abuse me for
it. I do the work, they grab it, clean the presentation of it up, then
take the credit. I can, will and have used the very easy and safe
techniques the dishonest use, but against them, to counter their negitive
effects and cause needed productive change.

I apply the REAL POWER of Profound Fully Integrated Honesty in dealing
with reality. A reality that includes a spectrum from the dishonest to the
honest. Black or White? A two non-color simple choice just doesn't exist
in reality.

If all you want is the presentation of a pretty front, then don't complain
when things don't work for you personally. The production environment and
process of real quality and needed forward change is often without a
pretty front but one consistant of ongoing work.

Bottom Line: There is no way in hell anyone is going to allow me an easy
route for the needed changes I communicate. People don't like change, even
when it's for the better of all involved, especially when they are
comfortable with the security they have and regardless of the expense or
damage it puts on all others.