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  • Early Amiga Influence - Artificial Intellegence - Amiga Atlanta Workbench vol2 #5
  • Online Support Map and Business Opportunity- An Information Focal Point
    ICOA (Industry Council Open Amiga) User Representitive Election
  • My Election Statement
  • JMS Election Page
  • ICOA

  • Big picture win
  • Controversy
  • Simple Solutions to complex sounding problems

    Enough With POLITICS!!!

  • MORE: Doing the Job of ICOA User Representitive
  • The Plan = Team Work

    Links to the web pages of those also running:

  • Bill Borsari
  • Craig Delahoy
  • Paul Haggins

    Relavant article: Jeff mentions standards (Intellectual Property)

  • Jeff Schindlers persentation at the Gateway 98 show.
    INDEXs' of my web pages. (Does not include ICOA election. That's Above.)
  • cindex.html
  • aindex.html
  • bindex.html
  • index-old.html
  • index-p12-3-97.html
  • index-p6-24-97.html
  • index-p6-28-97.html


  • 1-28-95-Amiga.html-- Amiga on a Card???
  • overview.html
  • AVV.html-- Pre Gateway 2000


  • ethics.html-- An index of articles
  • Read-me-first.html-- The Full Spectrum
  • 0-deception.html
  • 1-Irvin-Gould.html-- Anger with Commodore but solution direction given
  • 2-A4000-trouble.html-- Negitive Wave effect of Commodore felt all the way to this end user.
  • 3-tugofwar.html-- Business teamwork
  • 4-After-Gould.html-- I'd done much better had there not been a negitive Commodore wave!!!
  • 5-Another-Co.html-- Production concepts (a start)

  • 8-12-96-vis-input-req.html-- Communication efforts to Viscorp
  • 8-19-96-hardware.html-- " "
  • 9-16-96-viscorp-jc.html-- " "
  • 9-28-96-JC-Viscorp.html-- " "
  • a10-10-96-vis-jc.html-- " "

  • NGWP-CROSP.html-- Newsgroup Crossposting
  • nwor1.html-- Nothing Happens without reason (CMU SEI "Open Systems" research)
  • PAN.html-- Public Awareness Needed (regarding computer industry)
  • readme-last.html-- Yesterday, Today, Tomarrow.

  • Piracy86.html-- Software Piracy Solution - general concept
  • sponsorV2.html-- More on Software Piracy Solution w/a little history

    Amiga Atlanta Inc (user group)

  • 9-14-96-AAi-presentat.html
  • a10-21-96-AAi-essence.html

    AMIGA In.

  • ATPAIC-1.html-- A talk with Petro (intro)
  • ATPAIC-2.html-- " " (Petro)
  • ATPAIC-3.html-- " " (Comdex)
  • ATPAIC-4.html-- " " (conclude)
  • TDFIM.html-- The Dream Factory In Motion
  • I-Petro.html-- An Interview with Petro
  • E3-plus.html-- 1997 E3 show

  • Jaystale.html
  • Media_Perspective.html-- A change towards "Open Systems" open system mentality.
  • Modular_Systems.html
  • ---Enclosures.html-- Packaging first as a support issue rather than a design issue.
  • A_recap.html-- A recap of what is comming and why.

    VIC (Virtual Interaction Configuration)

  • vic-intro.html
  • vic-contents.html
  • pro-vic.html
  • vic-must-read.html-- Legal, definition, equasions and concepts.
  • vic-objective.html
  • vic-construct.html
  • AI.html
  • PK.html
  • OI.html
  • IP.html
  • OP.html
  • SF.html
  • IQ.html
  • ID.html
  • KE.html
  • gotchavic.html-- previously hidden
  • KC.html-- Knowledge Calculator: An earlier writting on the VIC
  • VIC-csh.html-- Comparision to csh
  • VIC-basic.html-- other general info.
  • last-post.html-- Comparision and Not setting rules, only providing the gears and bearings.
  • Table1.html-- Table of commands and PK file
  • CPIAC.html-- contains Arexx code beginning.

  • Another-CFP.html
  • 3-posts.html


  • abouti.html
  • resume91.html-- removed personal info.
  • resume95-anim.html-- removed personal info.
  • copyright.html
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