FreeSoftware will only become genuinely free when it is easy enough to create that anyone, regardless of their resource limitations (knowledge, time, etc.) can create it, from simple automations to improve their personal productivity level to full application programming. This is based upon the primary concept and purpose of programming:

Programming is the act of automating complexity in order to make the use and reuse of the complexity easy for the user of the complexity. Programming is a recursive act, as shown by any code/programming being done above machine language. And it follows that it is of such recursion that Software will become genuinely free, or otherwise contridict its own primary concept and purpose.

1/19/09 This site has three subdomains (now sub directories so old links may not work - sorry)

The web hosting provider has changed. I believe things should work as well as before the change 1/19/09 which is an image of my site at (and without modification to any links within the html.) which is an image of my site at (and again without modifications to any links within the html.) to present code development of the Virtual Interaction Configuration.

A much more printable version of focused V.I.C. pages can be found right here!

Older development of the VIC can be found in the vic subdomain directory but requires a password and is used to indicate you understand and accept that all code found in the subdomain directory is under the GNU GPL - General Public License and all documentation is under the GNU FDL - Free Documentation License, Unless otherwise noted. AND until I've done the work to include these Licenses within the source code and Documentation, you are not allowed to further distribute such files found in directory but rather may simple point others to the url and refer to this paragraph to find the user name "GNU" and Password "GPLFDL".

Finally I have done what all I think needs to be done and produced an archive for download. I even now have a stand-alone ID command. You can get the archive here. or from a link within the vic subdomain.

Here's a local link to Abstraction Physics text and linkage as it existed on wikipedia before it was loosely judged to be original research and removed in accordance to wikipedia policy. Simply put: Wikipedia by its own policies is an after the fact, second hand knowledge website. What would in a court room be considered "hear-say", rather than a site that applies integrity. This entry was made to wikipedia in response to an article on myself, so to clairify and make apparent the errors in that article about myself, which was really just a clever indirect attack on the Virtual Interaction Configuration. For the search engines Abstraction Physics

I now have a bare bones (now inactive due to lack of use and hacking)Threeseas Blog

Some of the things I have to do is: edit any page links that point to my other two sites to instead point to the pages here.

I also have not yet set my email for this site up in my mail reader, so in the meantime just use either my mindspring or earthlink email address.