3 S.E.A.S

Violin Electric









The first two pictures are the initial creation, before I got a violin shops feedback. I then thinned the neck and lightened the body weight by cutting it out (though it is just a temporary body until I figure out what I want and how electronic mounting in the lower part of the stick [hollowed out] is going to happen).

I'm using a inexpensive LM386 audio op amp(s) to power the headphones and I will also have a line out and a CD in line - so as to play in quiet along with other music. In addition to this I have and plan on adding an echo/reverb unit using CD3207/CD3102 BBDs/clock. But the curcuit I have is noisy and I want to alter the clock section so as to also have flanging and most important chorus effect for fuller sound. All of the internal electronics will run off a single nine volt battery and I will be designing and making a custom Printed Curcuit Board for it.

The Pickup is a Schatten Design VVM Transducer pickup that along with a simple LM386 audio op amp, there is an extreamly clean headphone sound. The Violin will be comparitive to weight and electronic as silent violins offered by Yamaha, cept this ones is custom and will have a case that includes a built in 40 watt total audio amp and speakers. I might even decide to make the violin lighter by moving all but the basic headphone to the case amp.