For those interested in applying dishonesty, deception and illusion
to cause a divide and conqure or other such destructive acts. And weither
for personal profit or otherwise, I refer you to:


So that you will know there is and has been a world communication going on
to expose such easy to do and risk free methods of such deception and
illusion. To remove such destructive acts so all of us can have a much
better life.

Of this companys works there is the foundation work of Neo-Tech I-V where
Neo-Tech II is now refered to as the Neo-Tech Encylopedia.

A few examples I use, of such intentional illusion:

   * Right to Life vs. Freedom of Choice

     The facts are: You cannot have one without the other. If you want
        to take a stand, take the third position of sponsoring a child
        in need. A child certinly alive but without the essentials to
        allow him/her to have free choice.

     The Problem is clearly a matter of improper priority.

   * Creation vs. Evolution

     The facts are: You cannot have one without the other. Otherwise
        you are left to believe we, the human race, have never evolved
        past the caves or whatever you may believe we came from. Nor
        would we have the ability to create what we do. Evolution is a
        matter of time and even god, if you believe, took six days in
        creation. And Galileo Galilei was exonerated by the church but
        with an additional statement from the Pope of something to the
        affect of a caution that there are many thing about our beliefs
        we may have to change our perspective about.


Copyright © 1988, 1994, 1996 Timothy V. Rue