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For the Amiga Technology to survive, regain some of the ground it has
lost and even obtain the foothold in industries which it has missed (due
Commodores errors), it becomes important to extend the Amiga product line
to include a card/expansion box for Mac and IBM. To allow the existing
Mac and IBM systems to access the Amiga technology both Hardware and
software (OS).

This message will not be responded to simply because the above is a
statement of fact and has not room for debate. The intent of the massage
is simply to present Amiga fans with this reality so they may get use to
the idea before it happens. The Amiga technology does not need any more
friction in its promotion. It needs team work. And this team work means
including Mac and IBM users in this team.

It takes money to develop and continue to develop a technology. With the
Amiga technology this means sales. By including the Mac and IBM user bases
the potential sales base increases a great deal beyond what it is
currently and shrinking (due to delays to determine ownership of the

Overall this evolution should not be a problem considering the current
emulations of Mac and IBM on the Amiga. The bridge is already well under


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