It may be worth noting that these letters were sent before a statement
was published requesting users and dealers communicate helpful suggestions
rather than all the negitive. I think it was a request made by Mr. Gould.

    I don't know, I never heard from Mr. Gould, weither or not my efforts
were noticed. But given the time lapse for magazine publication, it's
possible it did. I did FEDX to him. Both packages containing the tug of

Tim Rue


   Irving Gould                                           4/12/94
   375 Park Ave.
   Suite 2109
   New York, NY 10152

         I'm not asking much! I simply want Commodore to honor their
   warranty! I certainly did not bargan for the over abundance of B.S. I
   have gotten ( 80% + B.S. to 20% - solid information ) from the Amiga
   marketplace but it now seems to orginate from Commodore!? And my
   frustration with all of it has blinded me ( C.C.Syndrome ) to what
   good Commodore must have done?

      I bought an A4000/040 with the sole intent on promoting it to the
   trade show company I work for. For both internal and external use.
   The additional products I bought for use through the Amiga work only
   as well as the broken, from day one, A4000/040 has allowed. I didn't
   Know I was buying a "new?" refurbished system, that although it has a
   one year warranty, replacement parts are being constrained. I suppose
   for the same reason constraint was used with the application of heat-
   sink compound between the CPU and its heat sink! How am I to promote
   such a system successfully if I myself have such frustration with it?

      As part of releasing my frustration and knowing my productive
   intentions, I will be posting a close version of this letter to the
   networks I have access to. I will put forth the effort to do this this
   comming weekend.

   The following message is due to a hardware problem. The intent of it
   is to motivate Commodore into correcting the lack of replacement parts,
   in order to at least uphold their 1 year warranty. The message exposes
   the basic unending problem for which Commodore is responsible for.
   There is no excuse left that is acceptable, Action to correct the
   problem is all that is left! Action that Commodore is able to take.
   Please forward this message where appropriate.

  To Commodore,

       No one is responsible for Commodore financial position
   but Commodore itself! Not the end users, dealers, developers, any
   other outside party, or those responsible for the creation of the
   Amiga. If there was any cheat, it was you, Commodore, to yourself.

       Commodore, you BOUGHT the Amiga and have used and abused it
   to the degree of which you lack reaching the potential profit
   the Amiga creators knew it had, as they worked hard to develope and
   give it this potential. Intelligent Dreamers standing on reality.

       If there is any one thing responsible for the Amigas survival,
   it is this potential the creators gave it! So strong a potential, end
   users and developers saw it. Perhaps the best sales pitch, not word of
   mouth but recognition of what the Amiga is. Some kept it to themselves,
   treating it as an advantage.

       Commodore, perhaps you simply didn't know how to promote
   it, for lack of your real recognition of the Amigas potential, less
   than that of users and developers. You tried your best to constrain
   the Amigas potential from the beginning, Limiting RAM as you limited
   your own vision and profit. And you still place constrains on the
   Amiga as you constrict your vision and profits even more.

       Without end users you have nothing, without developers
   creating work arounds to your constraints, you would have lost it
   long ago.

       Technology has evolved and now end users and developers
   wisper to each other "the best thing that can happen is for
   Commodore to let go of the Amiga to those whom have the vision and
   drive as the creators had." Only soon it may be to late, as another
   is bound to create new technology surpassing what exist today. But
   good tools don't die, and the Amiga is such a tool, if it is in
   working order and not in dis-repair!

       Commodore, you have lost alot that you'll never regain
   and all you had to do was recognize the fact you don't see the
   vision and to let others show you. Only now with the wispers, does
   anyone really want to? Recall how the creators responded to your
   constraints, one point two! A prediction and warning more so than
   anything it may have been claimed to be. Based on a VISION bigger
   than you, even today, can see.  Follow, Lead, or Get Out Of The

      Commodore Constraint Syndrome - the constraint caused by lack
   of vision leading to lack of profit. A catch twenty-two black hole
   blindness leading those with vision on a path of frustration and

      Is a glass half empty or half full? Is this message positive
   or negitive? Only Commodore can "vision it" one way or the other!

      Commodore, the basic problem that began long ago is still
   being felt! And there can be only one reason for it, the Commodore
   Constraint Syndrome.

      Vision - the difference between seeing the Amiga as an
   exceptional machine  - and - seeing the Amiga as a machine able to
   handle exceptions. Of which the Amigas life has always been based on
   ability to handle the uncommon exceptions through exceptional people,
   developers and users! Commodore, get the vision, don't pretend!

               Timothy V. Rue


Irving Gould                                            4/17/94
375 Park Ave.
Suite 2109
New York, NY 10152


         The enclosed document is not "Free Advice."  It is recognition of
why I have had difficulty in pursuing the idea of intergrating the Amiga
into the company I work for. From my attempts to purchase an A4000/040 to
the current hardware problems I have (clearly due to manufacturing). A
remanufactured CPU board that only had enough heat-sink compound to have at
best a 5% contact between the CPU and the heat-sink. And I not sure what all
else may be wrong with it, though problems suggest DMA.

         I bought the system new. No replacement parts available. So what
about the one year warranty?

         You should have received another letter from me by now about the
Commodore Constraint Syndrome. Sending you the enclosed document was
something I put a good deal of consideration into doing. A person in your
position may find reason to ignore it, just as a person in your position is
out of touch with the production floor people. Everyone is a wealth
generator if proper valid incentive exist for each person.

         Even in the event I get my system repaired, a great deal of
momentum I generated in promoting the Amiga to the company I work for is
lost. The Commodore Constraint Syndrome is well felt by myself. And I think
it stinks. So......

         Should you find the enclosed document of any help to Commodores
financial debugging, I request you make my job easier buy doing something to
help me overcome the lost momentum I've suffered in promoting the Amiga to
the company I work for. The Amiga and additional hardware used with it, was
an investment I personally made with the sole intent of promoting it to the
company I work for. I do not lack vision as to the many ways the Amiga can
be used internally and externally in the trade show business.

         Being Atlanta based and with a company who has done and continues
to bid 1996 Olympic exhibit work, as well as Turner and other less publicly
aware work,  I recognize the potential value the Amiga can add to our
services as well as to Commodore. I also recognize the potential for
becomming an advisor in the Atlanta area for using the Amiga in the
trade show business, increasing my personal worth.

         I expect my system to be repaired under warranty, however, I want
more. I want Commodores help in overcomming the Commodore Constraint
Syndrome and the affect it has had on my efforts.


                                    Timothy V. Rue


Irving Gould
375 Park Ave.
New York, NY 10152

  Mr. Gould,

           I have made an Error.

           There is and error in the document I sent you.


  The ERROR is in trying to keep it a company secret! In doing so
  important information was not communicated to those whom needed to
  know. And I lost my job.

  Mr. Gould, I've enclosed another copy with proof of this error.

  If it will be of any help, please make as many copies as you see
  fit. And give them to those you are dealing with in regards to the
  Amiga. I believe in the machine and it's technology. And I know the
  only winner in legal matters is the machinery of the legal system.

  It is more important to me, that the outcome of the Amiga is a
  productive one, than it is to be recognized for my error and
  my correcting it.

  We are all human and proof is in making errors and then correcting.


                             Timothy V. Rue



Copyright © 1988, 1994, 1996 Timothy V. Rue