Someone thought this link would interest me and I think it'll interest
others probably more than me.

Practical Applications Expo99

I understand why another might see my potential interest in this,
considering the VIC and other things like kosh and pre-kosh (OASYS and
KOSH is the same OS concept, just different points in it's collection
time line)

There are many conferences that happen in the field of AI. I haven't kept
up with the list in a couple years, but I did find this link interesting.
But only in the sence of it telling me that in a very general foundation
type of way, the industry is getting closer to the general simplicity of
doing it right.

The reason I use the word "general" here is that the field of AI is such
that it is real easy for something to appear to be close but on further
inspection is really far away.

Anyway, at the current rate of advancement, we ought to get to the right
point in about nothing less than 10-15 years. This of course due to trying
everything but the straight forward simple path.

The biggest problem that keeps us held back is the ability some have to
make things sound so complicated that it takes alot of money to pay these
to keep it sounding complicated. And if you don't understand this, then
you are not qualified as having any intelligence within the compound
complexity of this field. :)

Hmm, guess I'm not qualified. :)

My perspectives are based not on phd sounding perspectives but on everyday
human use of common control points or facets (the nine and configuration

Interesting how these nine have not only held up over ten years or better
but also how so much seems to be "evolving towards" the simplicity of the
nine and configuration of.

This is the US Patent Office Web Site - Patent Data Base Search US Patent Search Try a combination of: Virtual, Interaction, Configuration, Knowledge, Navigation, Mapping Use the ABSTract Field or even better the SPECification Field I.E. SPEC/Virtual AND Interaction AND Configuration AND Knowledge AND Navigation (not using Mapping) will bring up a recent patent by Sun Micro Systems that I'm sure quite a few here would find interesting. It might also help you to understand what Patents are and what they are not. So you might also like to access general information on Patents for the home page: US Patent Office Some things cannot be patented! Like The VIC! :)
TIME MAG August 18 1997 (Steve Jobs) TIME MAG Table of Content for March 22 1999 (Bill Gates) The Direct links to articles: A couple very interesting articles (you really should read):,3266,21461,00.html,3266,21458,00.html Add these to the 1999 conference information found at: add to this the evolution of various Amiga so call community organizations and projects (ICOA, UGN, KOSH, etc..) Plus speeches/articles from Jim Collas and Jeff Schindler ____________ Take all these things and throw them all in a pot and boil them down to remove contridictions and inconsistancies. P.S. there be alot more I could throw in as well, but this should be enough. ____________ What's left? User Oriented additive (better than scalable) Modular systems in both hardware and software. So you have very strong evidence of the software and hardware directions. What about the People Direction? Hmmm, oh yea, I forgot to add something important. The diretions I've been communicating for software, hardware and people. And how I've been dealing with all the IP babeling and general communications. Out in the openness of the Usenet Archives. And with a an open project that can easily bring these three things together in a very productive cash causing forward move. The VIC! Hmmm, Am I mad or prolific? :)
Apparently some just can't get past the limitations of tradition. Amiga Inc. can't because they don't know how. As things are evolving in the computer industry what Amiga is going to have to deal with is: Removal of Distributors and Retailers. A revamp of the Amiga specific information sources (print media going totally electronic) If you want something printed you print it out yourself. And a business model that will have to compete well against evolving business models (tradition is gone already). Business models that are evolving towards free systems to the user. Gobi the latest to offer free PC And how you beat this is by providing a genuine and honest income opportunity for the user. This direction is also competitive in who provides the best income opportunity for the users. And development. Well Amiga is not going to corner anything here. Removing one pain to replace it with another just like it, won't work for the users or the business model needed. There is the sum total of what is communicated from Amiga and from what Jim Collas said at Amiga99, I'd have to say there is a good bit of cluelessness and guessing where to put the cart (hoping the horse will show). On the other hand there is me and what all I've been communicating in regards to solution directions. Interesting how nothing has happened in the industry to discredit these directions but only such changes that are moving towards supporting these directions. Little by little. Of course it is not of the Amiga use spirit to recognize leading edge. At least not without intent to discredit, suppress and then attempt to re-invent such an edge. Funny how such a process is just enough of a lag to render the attempt at re-invention of leading edge, to not be leading. In the spirit of Amiga! As it has always missed being the lead position, regardless of it's technology. In fact, it's not even ever been in second place and now with linux, it consistantly last place. So of course that part of the Amiga community communicates a view of me that is nothing of what I am. How can it, when for the sake of tradition it cannot. Amiga wouldn't want to break from tradition! The tradition of being in last place. And Gateway supports this last place tradition, as they have proven these years of owning the Amiga. ___________ Timothy Rue