The following is dealing with my dismissal from a company I very much
enjoyed working with and did alot at. The result of one individuals
efforts to get me fired, probably due to my seeing thru his lazyness.

The following relates to the Tug-of-War Document and is the

                        ABSOLUTE PROOF

of dishonesty and lazyness of people in general and the damage it can
and does do. I think the company may have been concerned I might sue for
wrongful dismissal.


Georgia Department of Labor
148 International Blvd, N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia  30303-1751


           The Georgia Department of Labor sees to present me with
  two choices.

           (1). To take part in the predetermination proceedings where
  I might receive unemployment benefits.
           In the event that I might win then I would be required to
  fill the first job presented me, this would be in error. For I
  would find myself in the same situation and dealing with the same
  problem as I have in the past. Underpaid for the level of my
  productivity! I would lose!
           In the event I might lose in the proceedings then the
  reason (an error) would be placed in my record. And I would have
  an injustice done me. I would lose!

           (2). I have been to the labor department twice. The first
  time I filled out a form that, I felt, had some very good questions
  for me to get answers to. However, the first person I spoke with
  took the form and turned it upside down on a stack. I inquired
  about the form and the responce was this person knew nothing about
  it. But I was directed to another in the belief that I was getting
  help. However, this was not the case. The second person also knew
  nothing about the form and went to find someone who did. The third
  person came over and explained that it did not apply to me. The
  second person then handed me some information on being tested for
  my skills. Later I realized I had gone through this before, the
  full GATB test and the results showed I qualified for doing
  anything. This type of testing will not help me.
           About a week later I returned to hand over the answers
  to form "DOL-1199CT". Because I was required to certify under
  penality of law that the information was correct, it took time for
  me to answer. I again spoke with the person I first spoke with and
  was told that they had made an error. I was not to return it but
  bring it to the Predetermination proceedings. This person having
  seen what I had to present (size not contents) and both of us
  knowing the time limit of the proceeding, suggested to me to see
  a lawyer. And this is the second (2) option given me by the Labor
  Department. The only winner in going such a direction is the legal
  machinery! I would again lose even if I won!

           I recognize the only direction the Labor Department is
  geared towards is that of the transfer and/or the devaluation of
  productive wealth.

           I refuse to recognize the perdetermination proceeding
  based on this. But present instead, one of two documents, so as to
  have placed in my record (regarding this case) my stand on this
  proceeding and the situation it is addressing.

           The difference between these two documents is that one
  contains a single document. The other contains the same document
  but with proof and verification of this document via events that
  lead to my dissmissal and an identification of why.

           ***** I just received a call from (M3) and
  although re-employment it was not disscussed, the talk was of
  a productive nature or tone regarding the situation.

           Uncertain of weither or not COMPANY has presented
  additional information to the Labor Department in support of
  their dissmissal of myself from my job at COMPANY, I present the
  Labor Department with the Document and proof. So that should there
  be such additional information from COMPANY, it may be used as
  additional verification of the document and proof.

           With the above identified direction "geared toward"
  of the Labor Department and the given documentation, it should be
  possible for the Labor Department to re-gear towards a productive
  wealth generation goal. Assisting in improving the enviromental
  wealth we all live in.

           *** Regarding the last paragraph of the "Document", proof
  and verification of this current fact is everywhere. Simply apply
  the document to what you see on T.V.. Polititions accusing each
  other of lying and then proving it of their opponent and of

      I chose the third (3) choice! Productive wealth generation.

                   And I hope you do as well.

                             Timothy V. Rue

  P.S. I had sent COMPANY a copy of this documentation earlier this

    In my attempt to hand this and the documentation to the Person to
handle the predetermination, at the labor department, I was told "NO" that
they would not read it so I responded "No" to the proceedings!
    I was however, able to get the supervisor to read this letter and
about four pages of the documentation. She realized it was not of the
typical nature of what the labor department deals with daily. Confussion
was present. I did make it clear that I was refusing the negitive process
of the proceedings.


Upon my leaving the DOL, after they refused to hear me out, I left the
documents/presentation with them. What followed was somewhat supprising
and humorus. A very large police officer, in short time, followed me out
of the building with the documents/presentation in his hand and insisted
I take them. Although he was taller than I and should be able to walk
faster than I, appeared to be a bit aggravated that he had to move quickly
to catch up and get my attention.  Amazing how much effort is put into
saying no!


An additional page in my presentation:

          The process of rules, regulations, procedures, etc.. is
 generally used to assist in a forward productive move. However,
 errors and/or miss handling of exceptions happen and the paperwork
 machinery grinds a good thing.

 Although I recognize a possibility of a positive and productive
 outcome for the parties involved, I cannot ignore the probability
 of human error, miss handling of exception, the paperwork machinery
 and the more likley to happen result from such.

 The following check is in error, according to my understanding of
 COMPANY benefits. I'll leave it up to COMPANY to figure it

    The following would show a paycheck containing vacation pay for
 fourty hours. It is my understanding this is not due me. I had my
 vacation in Febuarary of 1994. 7/6/94 it was determined that I was
 correct in the error of the vacation pay.


From form DOL-1199 question #4

Timothy V. Rue

  Re: responce to question #4 on "Claimant's Information about
      being discharged" form DOL-1199CT (D4) (1/94)

           Let it be understood that it is not my intent to point a
  finger at anyone with blame. Proof of being human is the process
  of making mistakes, learning from them, and correcting. And that
  this situation (through the Labor Dept.) is this process and
  involves myself and COMPANY (it's employees of both labor and

           However, Question #4 I must answer as well as certify, by
  signing form DOL-1199CT, that the information furnished is true and
  correct. And that I understand the law provides penalties for any
  person who knowingly makes false statements or withholds
  information to obtain or increase benefits.
   From form DOL-1199CT

 4.If you disagree with the reason given by your employer for
   your discharge, what do you think was the reason for your

        The answer to this is in two parts. One is the "reason
   given" (consistant results and an error). And two is the
   problem, that unless recognized and properly acknowledged, will
   (as it has in the past) continue to inherently contain not only
   the potential but the high probability of the end results and
   the error of it.

   In simple terms:

        1). Results (an error and lazy way to dismiss honesty)
            - "inability to get along with fellow employees".

        2). Problem - Failure to identify and acknowledge via
            considerations including fair and reasonable income
            and respect, of my APPLIED talents, skills, abilities,
            and knowledge.

        The process of acknowledging the problem can be as simple
   or complex as an individual making such a judgement chooses.
   However, the proof is in the events that took place leading to
   my dissmissal.

        The Problem identified:

        Traditional business generally contains two classes of
   employees/workers. One is of management and the other is labor.
   There is no middle or overlapping class identification. However,
   my applied skills, talents, and abilities do overlap and quite
   well lending to increased levels of productivity in labor and
        However, as a result of my efforts and a lack of a class
   identification, I am inherently and continuiously faced with
   resistance from both sides.
        From the labor class, I continuiously deal with others
   preceiving me as a "Company Man", I find a great deal of
   resistance from this class in my efforts to increase
   productivity, quality, while at the same time making mine and
   their job easier, safer and less prone to error. In return I
   receive resistance in the forms of others thinking I trying to
   make them look bad, negitive statements behind my back along
   the lines of "Company Man", and even the effort to not only
   hinder my personal productivity but viable methods I have
   developed to help them. Sometimes even efforts to discredit
   me as well as effort to steal the credit I deserve.
        Although management thinks my efforts to increase
   productivity is wonderful, I also receive from the management
   class the same forms of resistance, but from a management
   perspective. The term "Company Man" and other such terms/slang
   is different but always with negitive conotations. "He does the
   shit work".

        I've seen the insides of both classes and I KNOW this
   negitive attitude is distructive to company/profit potential
   and my personal efforts to justify a deserved increase in
   personal income. I have put forth a great deal of effort to
   identify and communicate the error of these class attitudes
   in a positive, non-repremanding format that both classes may
   find acceptable. The attached document (The "TUG OF WAR" of
   COMPETITIVE EDGE "CLICK"!) is such an effort. This Document
   is refered to from here on as "the Document" or "Document".

        Although I had communicated (via copy given) to a few
   members of the management class over approximatly this past
   year, and asked for feedback, I received NO DIRECT ACKNOWLEDGED
   FEEDBACK of the Document regarding its contents. I did however,
   receive indirect "coincidence" comments/questions regarding the
   how behind the "bonus plan". These happened between the time
   period of giving (M3) the first and second (current)
   draft. And from someone whom I had no way of knowing had read
   it, (M5). Not long after giving (M3) the second draft, an
   indirect "coincidence" comment was made by (M5), along the
   nature of - Experimental is not good enough. A comment that had
   no bearing on anything current. Since this was not a direct
   acknowledgement of the Document, I did not respond in the same
   manner I had before (re-write and/or expansion of Document.)
        However, I did repond by my continuious effort to apply
   the levels of integration as discussed in the Document. But
   without direct identification and acknowledgement of this
   fact by anyone. I did this for two reasons. One to prove it is
   not experimental but rather mathmatics. And two, in the hope
   that reguardless of the lack of direct acknowledgement of the
   Document, I might receive fair financial consideration.
        I also noticed the company began evolving in such a
   direction inline with many parts of the Document.
   Coinsidental? More company get-togethers, greater emphasis on
   proper and accurate job/time and material sheets, solid
   investigation into obtaining a 401k investment plan for all
   employees (though a profit sharing plan exist), a "first time"
   diversion of some of the financies that would otherwise have
   gone into the existing profit sharing plan. Diversion into
   additional equipment for the graphics department (where I
   worked), along with other changes not so notable but inline
   with the Document, such as the development of work teams and
   team leaders.
        Although I received verbal apprication for alot of the
   individual things I did, including many things not having been
   defined as part of my job duties, I received NO acknowledgment
   of the Document or the fact that I was applying various levels
   of integration as defined in the Document. Except for a simple
   nod (yes) of the head in my refering to the Document, by (M1)
   (head of the graphics department, and I knew he had the
   opportunity/access to having read the Document). And perhaps the
   "coinsidence" that (M2) would sometimes say "Give Tony
   (the name (M2) gave me) a raise" and for no apparent or
   identified reason. To which my responce was "for what?"
        I needed COMPANY to acknowledge the Document and my efforts
   to me. I HAD asked for feedback.


     The sequence of events that led to my dismissal:

 (Although the following is an accurate account of relative events,
  it will be without names but rather general titles or positions.
  Doing this will assist in proper identification of the "problem I
  face" as well as verifying the correctness of the Document. Also
  supporting my effort to not point the finger of blame. I will, if
  requested, fill in the names.)

  (Tuesday is the beginning of the new time card week)

      Tuesday, June 14, 1994, I had arrived at work and proceeded to
  clock in. I realized there was an error with the time cards,
  duplicate cards, and proceeded to determine the extent and to
  correct it. I had taken time cards from a few employees and let
  them know there was a time card problem. Labor employee (L1) came
  up and took a time card I had set aside. My attention was on the
  time cards and I took the card from (L1) and stated without
  looking up, "there's a time card problem". (L1) walked around to
  my right side and up against me, put his mouth up to my ear
  and yelled "If you got a problem with me, you talk to me about it".
     Angered by the contridiction of the loud statement and the act,
  and knowing who it was, I firmly and with haste pushed my elbow
  against him causing him to move back away from me and my ear. He
  then stated to those standing by "did you see what he did?" And I
  responded by again stating there was a time card problem.
     At this time Management employee (M1) rushed out the doors of
  the graphics dept and asked what was going on. I don't recall all
  that was said but I do recall that for the first time in my life I
  told another that I would lay them out if they did that again to
  me (yell in my ear).
          NOTE: (L1) and myself have had this same sort of insident
  before (always ending with his angry and loud statement "If you
  have a problem with me, you talk to me about it" and my efforts
  to do so without success) and previous attempts were made to
  discuss it and find a solution.

     I think (M1) may have called us both into his office. However,
  my focus was back on the time cards in order to forget the anger I
  felt, so I probably ignored (M1). Shortly there after (M1) asked
  me to come into his office, so I followed only to realize (L1) was
  in the office and I again refused and went back to the time cards
  to complete the correction.
     After completing the time card problem (M1) came up to me and
  began to repremand me. At which time the anger returned and I
  refused repremand by stating "Either fire (L1) or I'm out of here."
  (M1) stated his firm dis-like for such altimatum but as the
  conversation continued and mellowed (M1) informed me that (M2)
  had put together an installation crew of lower pay and experience
  in order to try to increase profits. (L1) was part of this crew
  and the installation had gone poorly (L1 was stressed).
     As the discussion continued it turned to productive matters of
  what I was to do for the day. Of which I proceeded to do for the
  rest of the day. At times during the day I was shown apprication
  for correcting the time cards from (M3) as well as support for
  what I was doing at the time of support being given (M1 & M3).
  Basicly two thing, one was debugging and upgrading a computer in
  graphics and the other was talking with a new employee about
  her duties to integrate an element of the design department with
  the graphics department and other problems she would face with the
  computer she had to work on.
      Let it be clear, at no time did I feel any apprication for my
  handling of the matter regarding (L1) and myself. I simple wanted
  to forget it and keep busy.
      The following day (having had empty time overnite to think
  about what had happened) I began to talk with (M1) about this
  being the first time I had ever threatened another the way I had
  (L1). I was trying to deal with my emotions. (L1) walked in as
  I was talking and trying to avoid causing suspision on his part
  I continued with what I was saying but looking at (L1). He stated
  that he didn't know there was a time card problem and he thought I
  owed him an apology. I don't recall all that was said but again
  (L1) presented me with the statement "If you have a problem with
  me, talk to me about it". In my efforts to communicate with (L1)
  I was cut short several times of which my responce was "You
  won't let me (L1)". And I walked out of the room.
      A short time later I asked (M1) if we were busy today, and
  asked if I could take the rest of the day off. (M1) responded that
  I could. Besided having a few personal matter to take care of, I
  wanted to get away from this situation.

      I had become very uncertain about the level of recognition I
  had been receiving as well as weither or not I was being properly
  recognized for my applied efforts. Also due to the level of theft
  that had happened since the time of my being employeed and the
  unknown of what will evolve out of this situation with (L1). I
  decided to remove my personal equipment (about $10,000 worth of
  computer equipment - equipment not being used in any production
  matter and not required of me to do the job I was hired for -
  equipment I was using to communicate intergrations I had developed
  - for which I was currently unsure of being properly acknowledged).
      Also realizing there had been a more than average level of
  assumptions (in error) going around, I also labeled two cabinets
  I had built (In the event an assumption might be made that I had
  quit). A some what new co-worker had asked me, with persistance,
  what I was doing and I finally responded that I was getting my
  shit out of here. I really didn't want, wasn't prepared, to answer
  and probably should not have.
      I wanted to reduce my stress level, due to medical reasons,
  knew I was going to ask in writing for the company to identify and
  acknowledge to me what all was currently being expected of me (
  assisting in graphic department production is what I was hired to
  do but that had clearly evolved beyond this). I needed to know in
  order to make adjustment in the direction of my applied efforts to
  increase my personal income.
      I was full aware of the possibility of an assumption being
  made, due to the above average level of assumption going around.
  I also realized my act of removing my personal equipment had the
  potential of resulting in an assumption, I left it open to see
  how it might be handled.
      Although I had not been home for a couple hours during the day
  I do have an answering machine in operation, and should question
  arise at COMPANY as to my intent, I could have easily been contacted.
      The next day was odd, things were going on behind closed doors
  and the actions of others and the placement of a couple of my
  personal things suggested that an assumption about me had
  happened. Verification that an assumption had been made came from
  (M4). (M4) had asked me what was going on and I responded in brief
  that I removed my equipment in order to reduce my stress level and
  that I have written something I would give to (M1). What I had
  written was my perspective about (L1) and why I thought he should
  be fired and raised the question regarding what was expected of
  me and my duties.
      A short time later, and after additional closed door meetings,
  I was called into (M1)s office where he, (M3) and (M4) were and
  was disimissed from my job, by (M3). I then put in my car my
  personal belongings of which I could fit and remember. During this
  time I overheard (L1) talking to a co-worker, saying that he finally
  got rid of me. A few hours later I returned to get the rest of my
  things. During this time there was only present one employee that
  offered to help me. He did state that he felt bad for both of us,
  suggesting (L1) had also been dismissed. If so, COMPANY didn't want
  me to know this. I had no thoughts or concerns on the position of (L1).


          The week before: (I'll try to be Brief)

  (L1) had been given the task of putting together the graphics of
  a given client and upcomming show. I had normally done this and
  was asked by (M2) to offer (L1) help. I told (M2) that (L1) would
  likley decline. However, I did offer (L1) help, of which he
  declined, but told him I was available anytime should he find need.

  I had plenty of other work to do and I was detoured many times
  into helping others. As busy as I was I didn't think to ask (L1)
  again. Though I did offer (during a push) (L1) assistance and
  help on pealing up some tape.

  (M3) expressed to me his dis-like for the sloppy placement of some
  of the graphic panels (L1) was handeling. I understood (M3)s
  concerned but pointed out that the panels were safe from damage.
  (M3) accepted this.

  At some point (M2) had informed me of missing graphics needed for
  the task (L1) was given. I told (M2) I didn't know but offered my
  help in locating them. (M2) was insistant that I not do so. This
  happened twice.

  I believe it was sometime early this week, (L1) was given the
  task of helping me pack up some other graphics. In a short time
  he disappeared and I completed the job myself. Near completition
  this task was temporarly put on hold by another in management. I
  crossed paths with (L1) and had informed him of the status. He
  was on the phone having what appeared to be a personal converstion
  regarding off work an get together. All this was consistant with
  his overall work attitude, from day one of his employment. I did
  not see a need to communicate (L1)s disappearance to anyone in
  management. There are those who know this.

  Saturday Nite, June 10, I was called into the shop by (M2) to help
  correct problems with the graphics regarding the task (L1) had
  been given. (L1) was off on one of his camping trips. While at
  the shop (M2) often expressed his feeling of guilt over all that
  had gone wrong. I proceeded with the attitude of just getting the
  work done. (M2) and myself took the graphics downtown. During the
  ride (M2) expressed that he thought (L1) would get fired over this
  matter and that (M1) and (M3) thought a great deal about me. (M2)
  had done this before and I didn't know how to take it, due to
  psychological problems and the professional help I was getting,
  and had informed him of this but that I was beginning to believe
  it. He proceeded to express this. My responce to the suggestion
  that (L1) might be fired was that I didn't know and that (L1) had
  come a long way in his production abilities since being hired.

  Downtown I recognized there was a high level of stress and
  frustration with other labor employees (from COMPANY). I kept a
  positive attitude and did what I could to get things done and to
  work with whom I could.

  Later, (M2), myself, and one of the labor employees (a new
  employee I didn't know) (NewL) went to another booth where (NewL)
  and myself worked well as a team to get done what we could. During
  our work (M2) left and (NewL) communicated to me that although he
  had the keys we need to get into a cabinet, to complete our work,
  these keys where his keys and he was not about to offer anything
  outside of what the company had available for us to use. We could
  not complete the work due a lack of company supplied keys. (M2) came
  back and (NewL) expressed his satisfaction with our team work to
  (M2) and proceeded to discuss with (M2) his interest in pay and
  benifits. (NewL) suggested that he and (M2) discuss this away from
  my ears, but (M2) said my presence was ok. (M2) touched on a few
  benefits and said they would talk about it later. It was late.

  During the ride back to the shop with (M2) we discussed the
  falling of a heavy header and that a labor employee  of COMPANY had
  gone to receive medical attention because of it. (M2) made the
  comment that this employee might wrongly seek workmans comp. I
  pointed out that the falling of the header colud have been worst.
  That it could have falling on someone during the show. And
  suggested the question of "how do we prevent the possibility of
  this sort of thing from happening again?"

  The next day I went to the shop, off the clock and alone, to debug
  a problem I had with my personal computer equipment and to draw up
  a diagram showing the integration of several departments and how
  it could solve probelms, increase effiency, and open the door for
  new product/service at low cost for Clients. A general question
  kept going through my head with many reasons for it to be asked.
  So I posted a note by the time clock "What's the diffrence between
  show business and other forms of employment?"

  Of the reasons for this question was I recognized there was a lack
  of needed communication between labor employees and management
  employees that was likley NOT to happen. That this would open up
  the door. And it did! (I realized I was taking a risk in doing
  this, but felt it was important, and realized I was in a position
  to do this because of the "Problem I face", and Believed the
  outcome would be productive communication.)

  The next day, Monday June 13, I learned that (M2) had been blamed
  for the question. So I let it leak out that I did it. And although
  I don't know who all reacted to it or how, I am sure needed
  communication was happening between Labor and management!

  Later (M2) expressed his apprication for what I had done. However,
  I wasn't sure if he really understood all the reasons I did this
  and simply informed him that there were many reasons why. (M2)
  saw "attitude" as the answer.

  The only specific I pointed out was that Show Business, unlike
  other businesses, has a show date set in stone (Once set never
  gets changed.) And that employees need to accept changing personal
  plans in order to meet the date, however, the company should show
  consideration for such acts of the employees.

  *NOTE: The problems of assumptions, I did not start, nor was I
  aware of the fact (when I posted the question) that it began with
  (M2) assuming a low cost team (and inexperienced - both in those
  involved working together and in general experience) could
  handle the installation while increasing company profits.

  Also I recognize (M2) as one hell of a sales person, so I direct
  (M2) to read the Document, page 2, paragraph on the enjoyment
  factor as well as page 4 paragraph on commission based worker. As
  an identification of why this happened. IT WOULD BE IN ERROR to
  assume a focus on only the two paragraphs mentioned. The Document
  is presented as a whole and requires proper treatment as a whole.


    It is important and valuable to me to be properly recognized for
 what I "do", than it is to be collecting unemployment benefits. Under
 the circumstances, I need this done writting. I simply need proof of
 acknowledgment of my applied skills, talents, abilities, and
 knowledge in order to address the problem I face with employment.
 However, I don't believe I should loose income because of my
 productive efforts.

                            Timothy Rue


Today: 1996

Of the change this company gained from my efforts, amoung the many
things I did and promoted. This company now has an in house image
processing and out put department, run by (M1). I remember the
moment he realized what I had been communication. That we can do this
imaging processing inhouse. Weither they will ever get an animation
department, I don't know but doubt.


Copyright © 1988, 1994, 1996 Timothy V. Rue