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MS jumps on bandwagon

MS Linux

Report for Wizard of OS

Interview with Richard Stallman

Government hands off Internet

History of the Internet

Technical of above article

Broadband content talent Needed

Archive (another focused effort)

Net Press Ethics?

Revolution Hype (read article above on ethics first)

From: "Timothy Rue" Subject: Sci. Amer. Aug 99, the T-Cap and me. Date: 7 Sep 1999 06:07:27 GMT To really know what the future hold, be it Amiga or some other label, look to the technology that can do what has been being claimed of the up and comming AmigaNG. See the article "Raw Computing" in the Aug. 99 issue of Scientific American and compare the diagrams to the images and diagrams of the so called T-Cap at Jack Shulman might just like to distort what is real. And then there is this post from me in feb. 98 to compare with the text of the "Raw Computing Article". (RAW Project and related MIT links Below.) There is also the Article in SA titled "Communications Chameleons" For a bases of what many of us understand the Morphing Transmeta chip to perhaps be. The Raw Microprocesor used in a Internet Appliance?
[the following has been edited] From: "Timothy Rue" Subject: T.Rue's drugs >was Re: J.Collas Date: 13 Sep 1999 05:56:25 GMT On 12-Sep-99 18:31:09 redrumloa wrote: >> [snip] >> >> JC> :) >> >> There are just some things you can't immitate of the end user. What >> NDA's do is one of them. >> >> But boy or boy did you all try hard to slap NDA on everyone! >> >> But a fraud is still a fraud! >> >> And the software Bull Shit is a fraud! > Man what drugs are you on? The must be really good. They are! TIME Magazine on Evolution,3266,29513,00.html And what this article references. Ref #6 was actually taken from the reference given in the best seller "The Tao of Physics". The primary link to reference #5 is above, which also touches on reference #4, for those who don't have easy access to ref. #4, you can get an overview from the first finalevo link above. *** Also the Paragraph on "What I understand Usenet origins to be:" is in error, but by accessing the "history of the Internet" link above you will see that the base is much stronger in support of my direction than my simple single paragraph in error. *** For the general direction of the industry, transmeta and GW/Amiga Development LLC. (So the name is not just "Amiga"?) Home page of Laboratory for Computer Science Language Systems Group The VIC POV on speech and language process. Software Communication and wireless networking. Internet appliances? The RAW Project site. Morphability? Contact Information Modularity in software and hardware happening somewhere around here??? The Software Engineering Institute: note the dropping of CASE (like other things i.e. Evan Brown, USPTO summary of "prior art" RFC response, etc..) And while I'm posting links, I might even use this message to do a long needed web page addition that will hold such links and updated links (otherwise now broken links in my frozen from change, web pages) Here is the Amiga Atlanta Web page: and youth of america (worth a look and maybe a internet service bargan) related but quite different: And don't forget to read Rocky Scarfones story. Like I said in my report of my talk with Petro, people can change. And apparently many are! The drugs are called evolution and creation via the consciously advanced mind and reality wide scope.
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