Question: Should the Amiga be owned and controlled by a company?


    What is my name?

        I am and support bringing ever increasing value to the consumer. I
am and support honesty, productivity, creativity, life and fair
competition. I bring out the best of the competition and encourage ever
increasing improvements of the competition. I am the rules and judge of
fair play.

        To the greedy that generate dishonesty, I am called evil, the
something less and more than darkness. I am the growing black hole of
complete emptyness, void of all sences to and for the greedy. I am the
death of the greedy and at their own hands shall I remove them from
existance. The greedy knows this about me and try as they do, I eventually
take them down, exposing them for what they truely are, self destructive.
I take from the greedy far more than they take in their acts of greed, far
more than they comprehend with their self limiting greedy minds. I am the
deepest and darkest son of a jungle bitch they will ever know. I am
barbaricly relentless and absolutely unforgiving of the greedy. I am the
bastard they cannot stop. The bastard that exposes their corrupt ways of
deception and manipulation for all to see. I give only one thing to the
greedy, insurance they will die and at their own hands.

        To the honest productive, I am the tools they use to build value,
the tools they use to easily out do the greedy. For the honest productive,
I am the geometricly expanding universe of universes, the reach for all
that is possible and good. I am more and better life for the honest
productive. The honest productive know I have nothing to give them for
free. They know all things of honest productive value received must have
honest productive value given in return, for they know it is the only way
to honestly be a real part of the productive value generating team of
geniune life improvers.

        To the consumer, of which we all are, I am the undeniable vote,
the score and scoreboard of the competition. I am the test of how well the
comsumer knows and understands my name.
        The greedy do their best to hide and distort my name and meaning,
to mislead the consumer vote by their intentional dishonesties. For the
greedy know this is their one chance to delay the death I bring them thru
the consumer vote. The greedy also know to manipulate and wrongly eliminate
the competition, where they can, to wrongfuly control the game of
competition, to make the game unfair, to deceive the consumer.
        But the building tools, that I am, for the honest productive also
exposes with certainty, the greedy and their dishonest ways. The honest
productive knows the consumer understanding of my name is important. But
even more so, the honest productive knows what the greedy don't, what all
can be, what all is possible.

        Here is why I always succeed, in taking down the greedy to support
the honest productive. The spectrum of consumer understanding of who I am,
ranges from greed to honesty, either way the consumer sees and wants more
and better value for less. The better the consumer correctly understands my
name, the faster, more and better value I bring the consumer. And it is
this tool of understanding who I am, how and why I work and what I bring
the consumer that the honest productive have available to use. The tool to
communicate to the consumer what all they can have, the better they
understand my name and support my ways.

        What is my name?


    The consumers of the Amiga computer know it is of better and more
value than it's competition. And although the competition has evolved to
be better in many ways than the Amiga, it is only due to little evolution
of the Amiga computer during it's past. An evolution that can be corrected
to bring more and better value to the consumer. But even without such
correction there is still the core value of the Amiga. The value the
unfair competition, the greedy do not want the consumer to know. That
value is the sum total of the Amiga abilities. The value the competition
hides in their claim of being more and better in this way or that way but
not one word as to the whole, the sum total.

    The greedy exist, as well, within the consumers of the Amiga. They are
the hypocrits that hide the tool of the Amiga from their customers and
clients but then complain that more is not being done to evolve the Amiga.
There are end-consumers praticing greed, hypocrits whom return no value for
the value they take from the honest productive, those honestly supporting
the Amiga. Hypocrits that also complain that more is not being done to
evolve the Amiga. But most of all there is the greed, the short sightedness
of those whom have owned and/or controlled the Amiga or some key part of

    In the mess that has evolved, the honest productive seem to fall time
and again, only to be replaced with others of the honest productive
intent and effort. But again and again the foundation shakes and more of
the honest productive fall. Everyone seem to have a different idea how to
productively use the Amiga and this is good, but there are as many or more
that have an idea of how to apply greed to constrain the Amiga for their
own insured personal profit, and this is not good. There is only one thing
insured in greed and that is death.

    When IBM entered the desk-top consumer market they had their history
and reputation in business behind them to help grab a peice of this pie. A
pie that Commodore created with it's low cost C64 home computer, the
worlds best selling home computer. In time the IBMs share of the pie grew
but the pie was only growing so fast and clones began to appear causing
IBMs share of the pie and it's value to slow in growth. In an effort to
offset this, IBM made some deals and one was with Commodore. Commodore
could have from IBM such information that made their IBM clones much more
compatible than the competition but in the deal Commodore would limit its
IBM clones in the US over a period of time. Commodore could have the
European Clone market, where they did and became the #1 European computer
    With all the clones being manufactured and sold competition brought the
consumer choice and improved prices. This alone caused the pie to explode
in growth. IBMs share of the pie certainly got smaller, but it's value and
number of machines it sold, grew much faster. IBM had it's OS IBM-DOS but
allowed MicroSoft to produce it's version of it for the clones, allowing a
compatable OS for the clones while establishing a standard, outdoing
IBM-DOS. But the pie grows and so does the value of IBMs peice of it. Today
the consumer gets ever increasing value for less.

    The success of IBM is not due to greed, but a great deal more to the
credit of supporting the game of competition. But this was in supporting
only such competition supporting their platform type. Commodore even helped
to promote the IBM type platform. Commodore, in becomming #1 in Europe for
the IBM clone market, it is no wonder Europe is the best selling market for
the Amiga? Commodore, just as IBM had, used their reputation to help them
do something in Europe. But in the deal between IBM and Commodore, a deal
to limit the consumer vote, who was the greedy party? Greed leads to death,
it was Commodore. IBM simply took advantage of Commodores greed.

    There is no question or doubt the Amiga versatility is far more than
any one company can creatively and timely develope, evolve, manufacture
and market. With such versatility the potential markets are far more in
number than the competition. ESCOM bought the Amiga and again it was greed
that took them down. The Amiga is not greed but so versatile that it sparks
the creative imagination and this includes the creative imagination of the
greedy, those who want to have it all, even though it's to much for them to
hold on to.

    The investment pratices of the honest investor in the productive
honest, is not a pratice of putting all their eggs in one basket. It is a
pratice of first understanding the name and ways of ____________ and then
investing in companies (more than one basket) who also know the name and
ways of __________. A determination made by watching how well a potential
company to invest in, applies the name and ways of ____________.

    Should the Amiga be own and/or controlled by a company? Experience has
shown that no company has the ability to NOT cause constraints on the
Amiga evolution. So the answer is undeniably clear, absolutely NOT! The
versatility of the Amiga and the markets that result from this versatility
are many in number. So many in number that competition will be thin making
the ground very fertile for success of not only individual companies but
with even a combined certainty of success for the computer type known as

    However, there remains possible honest debt owed to the honest
productive supporting the Amiga, as well as possible deserved royalities to
pay to those honest productive responsible for the creation of the Amiga.
Also, in supporting the evolutional Amiga market growth, to increase the
size of the Amiga pie (understanding, thru increased competition,
individual peices will grow faster than their shrinking percentage of the
pie), a collective enitiy is, or may be, needed.

    Whatever this collective enitity may be, an association?, it does NOT
own or control the Amiga. Rather it is a focal point to receive payment for
dispersement to any outstanding honest debts of the past and any royalities
deserved. This collective spends no monies for R&D or marketing but rather
has the sole objective of insuring the open and expandable market of the
Amiga computer type. With such versatility the Amiga platform presents, for
entering many markets, there is no need for exclusive contracts that really
only place wrongful constraints on what the consumer can vote for,
constraints on what all is possible thru and on the Amiga platform type.

    To assist in the Amiga technology evolution, this collective entity
also acts as a focal point to identify, collect and communicate what
evolves as standards in the evolution of the Amiga. (i.e. Hayes once
established the standards for modems, today USRobotics sets the standards.
Standards are set not by hard decission but by the consumer vote).

    Such a collective entity is a service supporting a common pie growth,
but not constraining or preventing the use of exceptions to the evolving
standards. Those whom can productively follow the standards, would be wise
to do so, for it helps the common pie to grow for all. Those whom break the
standards, know they may be reducing their own potential, but such
exceptions may also be valid and needed to reach a specialized market.

    Such a collective would need to be structured as a non-profit,
non-biased enitity of supporting the Amiga type computer platform. An
association with reasonable membership fees, so to be able to afford it's
reasonable existance, operation, goals and viable services needed of it.
The goal being to open the market for the Amiga platform type and
keep it open for fair competition. An entity existing for only as long as
is needed. The overall objective being to get the Amiga into the public
domain as much as possible.

    So where does Research, Development and Marketing to evolve the Amiga
technology and market pie come from? From where it really always has. Only
here there is no individual company success or failure or exclusive deals
to take risk on. Everyone knows where they stand and with this knowledge
much more will be freed up to be done, rather than being put into a costly
on-hold mode. Freeing the competition to compete in fairness.

    On the other side of this coin, if the Amiga technology was just
dropped into the public domain, the first and wisest thing that could
happen is the formation of such a collective enitity association. The
recognition of the value of working together to establish current
standards. Standards to assist increasing the size of the pie, so more can
profit and share in it, as they also contribute to the growth of the pie.

Only who knows, at this time, who, if anyone, will buy the Amiga rights?
And either way, bought or not, what will happen to it? Not to mention the
mysterious, unspecified challenged property and the unknown effect it may
have in all of this.

    With all this in mind, is it worth waiting and perhaps taking a risk,
to see what will happen or is it better to take action to cause it's
release or at least expose the greed preventing it release?

    Of the ESCOM Amiga inventory, the intellectual property value is about
1.35 million U.S. A very small percentage of the total and shrinking
inventory package price. Upon the release of the intellectual property
into the public or semi-public domain, the remaining physical property
inventory will find a much more competitive market. But again there is
this mysterious, non-specified challenged property.

    If there is any one thing this all comes down to, it is weither or not
the consumer is allowed to vote. If not, the question is "who is
responsible for this distructive, death seeking and self destructive
greed?" A question all Amiga supporters/consumers have a right (via the
investment they have made in the Amiga equipment and support products they
purchased) to know the answer to.


    What is my name? My way is in complete support of the consumer vote,
via purchase. My name is "LAISSEZ FAIRE CAPITALISM", though many
incorrectly know me by the distortion of "free enterprise". I am more than
free enterprise, I am unconstrained fair competition. I respect the
royalities to pay on patents, but not the manipulation of patents for
greed. I support the evolution of productive technology, not the
constraints of it thru patent manipulation. I am the consumer, of which we
all are, vote. I know what the honest productive know, I know what good can
easily be and I know that the only thing stopping it is greed.


    Outside of owning the Amiga technology, are companies like VIScorp
(set-top and internet interactive systems), QuickPak (general manufacture),
CEI (distributor and third party monitor developer and a party who knows
how to integrate the Amiga into business via experience), Silent Paws (LCD
based portables), Motorolla (CPU developer), NewTek (video production
equipment developer), Phase 5 (accellerators and custom chip standards
pioneer), etc., really in competition with each other? No not really!


Copyright © 1988, 1994, 1996 Timothy V. Rue