From: Timothy Rue (
Subject: A recap of what is comming and why.
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 97 09:31:00
    The computer industry is evolving from closed system mentality to open
system mentality and the bottom line reason for it is money.

    These changes apply to the media, software development and hardware

    The Media. A change in perspective in how and what to communicate is
happening. Open System mentality requires a perspective that allows for
the unknowns of how many ways software and hardware (of open system type)
may be used today and tomarrow.

    Software development is evolving towards component applications where
there is a need for the "glue of scripting languages" like the existing
tcl intent, the REBOL appearance, and the VIC objective. Not to leave out
other efforts like JAVA. Closed systems don't have a need for such a level
of "glue" as these. Open systems require it.

    Hardware modularity is also evolving due the need to more quickly
integrate new hardware as well as reducing system down time, due a
hardware component (part) failure. Such modularity not only helps to
increase productivity while reducing down time but greatly improves
hardware versatility (and market). The "glue" of modularity is found in
packaging and connectivity that allows for the unknowns of tomarrow (open
system mentality).

    Closed system mentality has lead to an ever increasing multi-hundred
billion dollar non-productive annual expence in the computer industry and
client/user base. For a company to contribute to the correction of this
spells money in the bank. The selling pitch - justification of spending so
much that results in real savings of so much more.



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