Anti User links
  • KOSH
  • Owlnet
  • Cluetrain- Answers from those inside the industry? Yea, right. Getting clues from the ones who lead us into problems? Sure, but clues is all you'll get. Forget anything real.
  • The Idea here is to present something good sounding but of no honest value in recognition of the End User.

    Much of this may appear to be the very things I've been pushing for. In some ways they are, but in important ways they are nothing more than an illusion of being what I've been pushing for while being distroted enough to continue on with the Consumer/User Entrapment Abuse.

    Every since I first posted my web pages back on Nov 1, 1996, there has been this dual action following. Part of it being the surface promotion against me by many. The other part being the undercurrent following of what all I've been pushing for. Not an Honest Pair at all.

    I got involved in the Amiga matter for numerious reasons, all of which boils down to being furious with the User Entrapment Abuse I have been personally put thru in my effort to productively use and promote the Amiga in the trade show business. The Bottom Line Being Business.

    The Consumer/User Entrapment Abuse in the Amiga community has become more focused. It's called KOSH and owlnet. Both being the intents of Fleecy Moss and Gary Peake.