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If this newsgroup has in place such a web page(s) as mentioned below,
please forgive me for this posting. If this newsgroup is so well tuned to
productivity that it has near zero noise and chatter, again please forgive
me and know you qualify as an outstanding newsgroup.


Many years ago Usenet was a place for objective communication in the areas
of research, development and problem solving. Today it is filled with
opinions, emotions, flames, bias, dishonesty, rudeness and in general a
place to waste time, a noisy chatter box. When something of value comes
along it is likley to be wrongly devalued with non-objective responces and

The newsgroups are inherently not able to establish and build upon valid
information. In the past it was up to those whom accessed, in an objective
manner, to individually build upon what was established over the newsgroups.
Fortunatly, today there is a work around that is beginning to be identified
and used. That work around is the result of team-work between the
newsgroups and web pages. Newsgroups for establishing information and web
pages for building upon and making available, with consistancy, such

If used, the result can be beneficial to the newsgroups by reducing the
redunancy of topics, month after month, year after year. While also
allowing a build-up of information into a much bigger picture than is
possible through the newsgroups alone. Web pages are location for such
bigger pictures and can even have links to other related web pages to
create an even bigger picture. With this newsgroup topics can have a
consistant and constant foundation (web pages) on which to build and
evolve valuable topics.


Cross-posting - what a very interesting subject. If you crosspost to a wide
selection of newsgroups you run the risk of a few with some disagreement,
perhaps with a HIDDEN REASON, making a complaint about the crosspost.

It's not to difficult to look at the header and use it as an excuse,
though in honesty the individual making the complaint may not have even
known some of the newsgroups even existed.

Given the amount of repetitive chatter, it's highly unlikley anyone, or at
least most, don't read so many newsgroups, let alone all the messages in
them. If someone does, they probably need professional help.

And with this in mind, when you have a relative topic to a selection of
newsgroups, do you crosspost and run the risk. You know there are
individuals that may only access one or two newsgroups. Individuals whom
may well appriciate your post, though likley never let you know. On the
other hand those looking to create problems will complain first and every
chance they get. Some will even do it to get your money!!!

The HIDDEN REASON is to get your money!!!

I have been informed via Email that there are services that will do bulk
mailing on the net through newsgroups. A service you pay for, actually a
program for free but a internet service provider that won't complain. If
you want to see one of these ads in your private Email, simply do a
crossposting to many newsgroups! Sure it's easy to remove these peices of
Email. You hit the delete message button. Also there is the "REMOVE"
command you can issue to the service advertising, but it is after the fact.
And as more of these services become available, you won't be able to keep
ahead of them to keep them out of you private email.

What this bulk mailing program does, is it write copies of you messages
many many times but the header of each message only contains the
conference it is posted in. You can hit more than half of ALL newsgroups
within an hour.

On the other hand you can do the same thing mannually, but it will take
you much longer to do. Seems to me that computers were intended to make
our lives more productive and save money.

Now I don't know this but it is possible and pratical that when you do a
crossposting, the crossposting message is only placed once in the servers
and likewise, as it travels through the net web. At the end-user end, the
user gets the server to give him the pointers to the messages of a
newsgroup. In grabbing messages the server gives the user the messages the
pointers point to.. If this doesn't happen in some way or another then
someone can certainly make some money off of creating this bandwidth
reduction solution... However, in posting message individually, the server
is certain to treat each message as a different message, taking up alot
more bandwidth.

Simple logic:

    Ultimately, what you read is your choice. If your software doesn't
allow you this, why not? Does it help you be more productive or does it
force you to pay a price for all the chatter?

    Generally speaking, long running threads (titles not current content)
are going to be read and responded to mostly by those whom were involved
early on or whom have caused the contents "subject matter" to change to
something other than the title. If the title doesn't match the content,
the thread is going to be ignored by most newcommers. Changing content and
not the title could be termed crossposting.

    These bulk mailers, what is being sold that you do not already have
and can actually do better job in newsgroup selection and bandwidth
management? Protection from those who use a message header size against you
for whatever illusional reason. Those who want you to buy a bulk mail

    I am not a supporter of those whom crosspost to newsgroups such
messages having nothing to do with the newsgroups.

I have recently done crossposting that generated responce. The responce
spectrum ranged from negitive bad language responces having little, if any,
productive value, to intelligent thought-out responces worth responding to.
For the most part, most accessed the additional and extensive supporting
information and links found on my web page.

    I have nothing to personally directly gain from those accessing my
web page(s). I do however, pay a monthly bill for this and my internet
access, as most do. My service provider supports, what is it? "blue ribbon
free speech?"


I honestly hope this posting is of some value to at least one person in
this newsgroup. If it is, it may have more value than many post on the

With all of this in mind, I do understand I can place in my signature, my
web page address and a little info.

Timothy Rue


Copyright © 1988, 1994, 1996 Timothy V. Rue