From: Timothy Rue
Subject: Reorg. Links + Comments = better focus?
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 98 09:44:01
Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.misc

The following came about by first scanning the ICOA list archive for subject lines. Then the subject lines where reorganized for better focus. My comments where added in an effort to improve the focus and direction. Before you make any judgement (you should not), it's important to understand the process taking place here.

That process is of putting forth the effort to see the big picture in a very general and rough form. From here it's a matter of filling in details, identifying problems, going back if need be to redraw the big picture or some part, etc..

The objective is to produce a plan that works for everyone. This is only a small step in that direction. An introduction of the process and the objective to reach, the solving of problems.

As impossible as it may appear to be to do this, it is not impossible. I will be responding further.

Marketing is not a direct issue of the ICOA but certainly a related one.

In regards to communication, the internet newsgroups get the widest possible spread. From here it filters thru the rest of the community, via IRCs, BBSs', user groups, etc.. Once this happens feedback begins to happen from the community. This communication process has been tried over many months and it does work.

The ICOA User Rep. is the needed focal point for this feedback.

Remember, the following is not set in stone, just a step in the process of evolving something that works for everyone.

From The ICOA archives:

*** Lines/paragraphs starting with three stars are my responces/comments/thoughts.

ICOA services
Fwd: Re: ICOA User Rep

*** An organization designed to establish standards, which are Intellectual Property issues. The ownership of which will be? Availability to who? These are interesting questions and need answers that work for everyone.

Amiga Inc

*** The development house of Amiga technology.

Announcement: 'Amiga is Different' web page

*** So where is the line drawn with IP? AI has their IP, no question (world). There is the teamwork IP of the ICOA group body holdings (group) and the IP of the individual body (individual.)

We need a figure-head

*** What better than an end user (recognizing and rewarding end users of which we all are).

Marketing and targetting

Niche markets.

*** Marketing and trageting niche markets

The Outline - International Amiga Marketing Association

*** The idea is to put structure into a plan.


*** what better than word of mouth advertising?


*** Communication in various formats.

Product index/catalogue

*** The main format of information

The Best kept secret in the industry

*** What the industry doesn't know

Info on the future of the Amiga

*** What Amiga users know.

Announcing, PR & Marketing

*** It's called Public Relations Marketing.

PR, etc.,
Re:PR for AMIGA98

*** PRM is very important

Re:User-ownership dreams dec-2-97

Get new Users

*** What better than a plan that includes Users ownership of the marketing plan. A plan that pays users to work it, but only as a user option. Amiga International should be the natural holder and focal point due to being the center of license marketing of the technology.

Second guessing the user

*** And where will premature judgement get you?

c.s.a.misc and Tim Rue
Timothy Rue
Replace Petro!!!
Joanne Dow
membership (was Joanne Dow)

Open systems and the Amiga
What is 'Open'?

*** Versatility

Re: Multiprocessor Amigas?
Power PC- Sinking Ships
Components Redux
Re: Components. (fwd)
Advanced Amiga Hardware - Transputer
Transputer information
The second computer

*** Modularity

DevCon notes (was Re:[ICOA] RTA WG)
Amiga Color Model used in Windows 98??

*** The IP issue. What to do about it?

On MP and VM
Say no to OS bloat, yes to configurability and no to limitations
ASAP - Amiga Software Authoring Platform

*** A solid and easy to use development environment. Automating the dos', donts' and standards in programming. Not language dependant.

Piracy (not the parrot and hook type)
Netscape news worth Reading!

*** The user marketing plan includes the replacement or offset of piracy with sponsorship funding generated thru the plan. The IP issue is incorporated into the plan as well.

Stuff and nonsense
Stuff and nonsense, HW WG
Re: A rather interesting discussion

Killing many birds with one stone...

*** Thru a user owned marketing plan.

~~~A choice! You do not have to participate in the plan but the objective is to make the plan generate benefits for those who do via. teamwork cost reduction, recognition and financial reward distribution.
user ownership status

    Customer status

    Sales status

    Developer status

    Manufacture status

    Service provider status

    Communication media status - ISP, print

    Information provider status -

    Distribution status -



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