The Full Spectrum

    Everybody sees something different. What you get out of these web
pages is honestly up to you. It is your choice to be honest and productive
or dishonest and destructive, or somewhere between. Honesty can be a
difficult thing to do, it requires effort and often requires one to
address the dishonest generated communications. Dishonesty, on the other
hand is much easier and can create alot of additional, time wasting, work
for the honest.

    The Amiga is such a platform having a great deal of verstility and
with this in mind, IT IS OF NO SUPPRISE IT HAS SUFFERED SO MUCH. Everyone
sees something different about it, in the full spectrum between the honest
to the dishonest. And included in this spectrum are those misinformed to
some degree or another.

    If you are a dishonest person, it is likley you will not like what you
find here. If you are honest, you may not realize just how easy and safe it
is to apply dishonesty. Honesty about dishonesty.

    Ultimately, in this spectrum, you will show your colors by what you
do, how you preceive the web pages here. Positive, negitive or somewhere
between. Nothing is just black and white but within a spectrum of color.

    In many ways, what you'll find in these web pages is nothing new, as
so many know by their own experiences. Many topics are covered and there
is a great deal of information here, if you'll open your eyes. But what
you'll find here is the full spectrum. It is in seeing the full spectrum,
the big picture where answers and solutions will be found. And what it all
comes down to is weither you decide to work together or not, your choice.
The individual, the computer user.

    It may appear at times that I'm not on the topic of the computer
industry or the Amiga, but I don't have to be and it's better that I'm not
always on it. Simply because the spectrum of honesty is not limited to any
one department, industry or field, but everywhere there are people.

    There are places where names are mentioned. I'm not pointing fingers or
make accusations but realize removing these names will do no good, it won't
hide the names. There is also some information I had to really consider
before placing in these pages. My decission was based on priority of
importance, that the contents of the writting has a greater potential
value in bringing it out than not.

    I spent the day and nite of the closing ceremonies of the 1996
Olympics at the Olympic Park. Not far from where an explosion happened,
taking a life and beginning a dishonest ordeal for another (I don't know
about the truth of this man but it is clear there where those whom were
dishonest against him). I've been in large crowds before, honestly I was
almost there the nite of the explosion and would have been watching the
band. But closing nite, never have I ever experienced such a complete
absence, in such a large crowd, of rudeness and conflict. This was an
international crowd, the full spectrum with a common spirit.

Tim Rue


Copyright © 1988, 1994, 1996 Timothy V. Rue