From: Timothy Rue 
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 97 19:47:00
Organization: MindSpring Enterprises

The Dream Factory in Motion.

 1997 by Timothy Rue

My hat's off to the heart, soul and genius of Walt Disney. As I say a
gratefull thankyou to him and all he's created and continues to be created
in his spirit.

With this I'd like to barrow the concept of the Dream Factory, and apply
it to the world, group and individual to explain how good things can be
accomplished by those who understand how to enter the Dream Factory, and
leave with what they create inside.

The entrance to the Dream Factory is open to all who wish to enter, but
to get into the factory you'll need to understand the value and clairity
of honest heart. If you do not have this, consider yourself warned that
you may find yourself in a factory of nightmares and never know until it's
to late.

The hallway to the factory is as long or short, or just an entrance, as is
required for each individual. You see, the longer it is for one, the
greater the one is intoxicated with illusions. You cannot enter with any
illusions, and there are many illusions that may distract one on their way
to the factory.

You may suffer hangovers of any illusions you try and take with you. The
further you go down the hallway caring illusions, the worse the hangovers
will be and it can even reach a point of pain so bad that serious
withdrawal symptoms are felt, tempting you to turn around and leave. And
there may be others in the hallway tempting you with their illusions as
they hope for you to help them take their illusions to the factory. But
you can take no illusions, your or anothers.

Of all the illusions perhaps the greatest are of:
politics/government - power, economy/money - wealth, religion/philosophy -
belief. But there are an infinite number of other illusions of all sizes
and shapes to prevent you from entering.

But within these illusions there is something not of illusion that you may
take with you. Actually you must have it to get out of the Dream Factory,
what you create inside the factory. You can enter and leave any time
without this thing, but to take something out of the Dream Factory, you
must have it when you enter.

Upon reaching the end of the entrance, if you have forgotten to take
something even more important with you, you'll find youreslf falling in the
bottomless black hole that exist at the treshold of the Dream Factory. But
if you've taken this important thing with you, you'll pass over the hole
without any notice. You'll be in the Dream Factory, but only so long as
you hold tight to this most important thing. For there is no floor to the
factory, and this most important thing is what keeps you from falling into the
darkness of the bottomless black hole.

The Dream Factory is a wonderful and wonderious place. A place where
anything, everything and nothing all exist at once. It's where the
equasion, proving ".9999.... (repeating decimal)" equals "1", may be
fully known, completely understood. But only if you've brought with you the
thing that allows you to remove, from the Dream Factory, what you create.

The Dream Factory is just that, a factory, and as factories are there is
machinery. But the machinery here is special machinery, it's the machinery
of your mind.

You may create anything you can imagine, in the Dream Factory. But for
those who understand the value of the Dream Factory, it's in creating the
machinery you might take with you when you leave, if you've brought the
thing that allows to to take with you what you create.

In the Dream Factory all things are understood for what they are and what
their value really is. And it is with this that you create things,
machinery in the Dream Factory. Everything is as simple as childs play in
the Dream Factory. But the most incrediable things created in the Dream
Factory are the things those who enter, bring out of the factory.

You see, all that we have built outside of the Dream Factory, began in a
factory of the mind. Though it may not have come from the Dream Factory,
but a factory of the mind, none-the-less. And because of this, much of
what we have is nothing more than illusions that limit, intoxicate and
even cause such addiction that is destructive beyond the imagination of
most. Machinery that curns on and on with it's destructive force. Machinery
that was created in the factory of nightmares where one can take with them
any and all illusions, as much as may be carried.

But the worse machinery created in the factory of nightmares is the
machinery that can and does combines with other machinery created in this
factory of nightmares, eventually causing war, starvation, death.

However, in the Dream Factory, only such machinery may be created that
leads to freedom, plenty for all and life. Machinery that works in accord
with the only international language we have today, the representation of
genuine value exchange, a language using the numbers 0-9.

In the factory of nightmares, much is created to wrongly distort, take and
control the value this international language represents, communicates.
But the illusional machinery created in the factory of nightmares cannot
compete with the machinery created and brought out of the Dream Factory.
For the machinery coming out of the Dream Factory exposes the illusions of
the machinery created in the nightmare factory, and for all to clearly see.

The entrance to the Dream Factory is open to all, but the more who make
it in and bring something out with them, the more who will see and learn
to let go of the illusions created in the factory of nightmares.

The Dream Factory works in accord with the individual, group and world.

What you must and may take with you, to enter as well as bring something
out, is that which you'll have to figure out for yourself, but inherently
common to all. I could tell you but that is no insurance you'll hear and

You may enter as many times as you please.

The Dream Factory.


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