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V i r t u a l   I n t e r a c t i o n   C o n f i g u r a t i o n
N A M E COMMAND P l a c e K e e p e r   V a r i a b l e s / F i l e   C o n t e n t s
Activate Interaction AI path/AI-name.number Original PK-file & path/dir. Current path/directory
PlaceKeeper PK current PK-filename previous/alt. PK-filename default PK-filename
Obtain Input OI current OI-filename previous/alt. OI-filename default OI-filename
InPut Setting IP current IP setting previous/alt. IP setting default IP setting
OutPut Setting OP current OP setting previous/alt. OP setting default OP setting
Sequence Files SF current LPC Flags pre./alt. LPC Flags SFfilename@line#
filename@line#,filename@line#,filename@line#,,,(execution stack)
Index Queue IQ IQ-Flags pre./alt IQ-Flags IQ-fname@line#
filename@line#,filename@line#,filename@line#,,,(search stack)
IDentify ID ID-Flags pre./alt. ID-Flags ID-fname@line#
filename@line#,filename@line#,filename@line#,,,(comparision stack)
Knowledge Enable KE Master Teeth Pre./alt Master Teeth KE-Filename
Overview of Virtual Interaction Configurtion Current Public Information and AREXX CODE

You can learn programing concepts by helping and/or seeing how the V.I.C. is built. Then you may use the programming concepts you have learned in your use of the V.I.C.
By understanding what the program is doing, you'll understand what it is, as a TOOL. By understanding the TOOL, you'll understand how you might make use of it in your own field of work or interest focus.
Programming is an act of translating a logical depth of action(s) thought(s) into computer controlling action(s) and/or vocaublary set(s). The Depth of Action Thought(s) used might include established thought parts, which may be considered automated part(s) (pre-done or pre-determined). The translation process itself may be pre-determined (automated). Hence, Automated Software Development.
Engineering is the act of producing a new depth or new compilation of logical thought. So the user/client may make use of it, (which they don't have the time or knowledge depth to do themselves.) The engineer produces the logical depth or compilation of thought, then translates it, via. the act of programming, into something the user/client may use in their tool set. The Engineer produces the action tools or action vocabulary sets the user may then make use of.
By writing down your thoughts, you can easily focus and change/edit what you write, helping you improve your mental logic skills. Writing also allows you to build on your (or others) established written thoughts.