Mindspring is not a courtroom, they are neither trained in acting as such or in a position to, even if they where trained.

Mindspring is a business. And as such it is their choice as to how they do business.

Blue Ribbon Free Speech only goes as far as the balancing dollar. In other words, should Mindspring or any other ISP incur more in the way of expenses than return, they would soon go out of business. And being in business is somewhat more fundamental than Blue Ribbon Free Speech.

Soooo, Many of those in comp.sys.amiga.misc are accomplishing what they have so persistantly set out to do. In the most basic sence, subvert freedom of speech.

Mindspring has in their possession enough information to know acts of fraud have been used against me. But they are no courtroom, judge, jury or excutioner. Nor are they in the position to have a need to be.

Mindspring is a business. When the expense of dealing with complaints (regardless of rationality or lack of within complaints) outweighs the value they get from one user. Then that user will be gone in a matter of time.

I am only one user, apparently against many. Many of which can easily take pot shots at me and have. If they fail, no big deal. Everyone is allowed how many pot shots at me? But should I make a mistake or even present something that can be constrewed as such...........

It seems to be a matter of numbers. And a gang contains more than one.

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TO: the General Amiga Community (Mostly that part that hates me.)

When US auto manufacturing made a step forwards to move from old
technology manufacturing to new, many things where tried.

Mostly the efforts were to keep intact as much as possible of the old,
supporting the workers themselves.

However, ultimately it was found that building a new plant and hiring and
training new workers in new ways was the absolute best way to go. It had
the least non-product baggage to carry over from the old. And in
competition it was the only why to really win.

What is happening with the Amiga platform is such a change.

Ultimately it will do little good for AI/Gateway to communicate their
directions to those of the old. All that can come of this is the
resistance and negativity towards AI that everyone can see happening now.

Also out of this changing it is only logical that those of the traditional
training, practices, etc. will take a stand and even pursue creating their
system with efforts to support traditional facets. And as a matter of
competition, the only direction that can be taken is to incorporate facets
of the new but within a traditional framework and following traditional
hype too (making the old sound new to the best of their ability.)

This is KOSH.

People, this is also reality. Blaming me might be an excuse that makes you
feel good for a bit, but even the "experts" know tradition must pass,
otherwise you are stuck, stale, deteriorating against the competition.

If there really is a conspiracy against me (as so many seem to want to
believe and promote some illusion that I think there is), SO WHAT!

In other words, in the bigger picture of what is happening, conspiracy is
not going to accomplish anything. Except maybe prove just how strong "Fear
of Change" can be in some people. But this is nothing new either.

I'm not a punching bag for the masses of tradition to take their
frustrations and fear of change, out on. I'm the user/consumer. The one
who decides whether I'll buy this older tradition or the newer model.

Sure I see the reality of comming change, it's kinda hard not to
considering that I should normally be the last to be blamed. And that's
really it, the indication that change is going to happen and in looking
for an excuse to deny it, who is the last to be used as an excuse?

The same party tradition has always blamed. The user/consumer.

Flaming and Bashing AI and hinting towards KOSH will accomplish what?

Establish proof of difficulty and fear of change?

Have a good day.


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