Having applied the honesty of wide scope accountability:

I have no reason to believe I'll win the ICOA User Representitive Election.

However, my target is a that of a much bigger picture, the changing of the way things are done in this computer industry. This battle I am, and will, win. As will many others.

If there is any real difference between my being the ICOA User Representitive and continuing on as I have, with the influence I have, it is only in how direct my influence and focus is. There is a trade off between being the User Rep. and being the pushy end user I am.

It is without question that one, such as myself, who pushes hard for major changes, will receive the resistance I have. A resistance that pulls no punches but uses every possible dirty trick to stop me.

Many dirty tricks have been played on me and I know to use these tricks to cause productive forward moving change. Exposing by identifying and communicating these tricks.

Ultimately, I'm an end user. Someone who should be the last to have such trickery played on. But this is not the case and is the proof things are not right in the industry.

It is in this resistance that I find genuine indication of the power of my influence.

I know the productive user needs the kind of hardware and software the industry does not want to give, under the traditional, current methodology, of doing things. I also know this current methodology is very faulty and self destructive to the industry.

I know that recognizing the incentitive of the industry is the thing to do, so to know what to change. That current incentitive is in the way Intellectualy Property is wrongly used as currency. Every dirty little trick that can be played is played. It's not about producing the best tool but owning and controlling the technology, and is why the industry will not give the users the hardware and software they need to be increasingly productive.

In the scope of this industry wide incentitive, the user is to never be given credit for anything really worth while, but rather suppressed, denied and taken from. This is why end users are given the general label of being stupid. But this is not at all true, worse case is that end users are simply not educated to gain a much better general understanding of the use of this tool we call computers. An education the industry has no intention of ever giving under the current incentitive plan, because doing so works against the current profit incentitive.

But much weight is building as a result of the industry putting the user in a corner for so long. A weight that is and will flip things around and expose the corner the industry has put itself in. People can hate me all they want for this but I'm only a messanger of what is happening, not the cause of it.

The industry needs the help of the users to correct what is wrong and only getting worse. Make no mistake, you can listen to all the experts or you can use common sence. That common sence is simply this: If the industry will not allow users to profitably use this tool, then the end users don't need it.

This is no joke, the rising non-productive cost vs. shrinking profit result is getting closer to the 50/50 or neutral line. The line that says computers are no longer providing or contributing to profit potential. This stagnation has already begun and getting worse. The only solution is to change the incentitive of the industry so to share recognition and reward with the user base.

The user base is where all the solutions are, because it's the users at the ultimate production doing end. A solution base that is tired of being given a hard time in return for the solutions they provide. The industry end simply doesn't have the trained manpower to even hope to keep up.

For the industry, the free lunch is comming to an end. Problem is, those in the industry have no comprehension of this happening. They are just to busy doing their own thing and listening to the "experts", who also have no real idea and won't until it happens and they look back with 20/20 hindsight.

As an end user, pushing hard and receiving alot of resistance and dirty tricks being played on, all any other end user need do is simply see it going on and ask why?

Change is going to happen and I need do nothing at all for it to happen. Win by doing nothing!!! Letting the industry trap themselves. I need not put up with the resistance and dirty tricks to win. Quite the opposite is true, those who want my help, need it enough to not play such a self destructive game at me but cannot comprehend not doing so.

It really is as simple as this: Don't play the game and the industry will have no choice but to make the needed changes or die. But it won't die, only change.

Tim Rue