ICOA User Representitive Election Statement of Timothy Rue

This election process is one of a democratic vote and might be viewed as
being to politically oriented.

The Amiga is not about politics but a tool for many to buy and use in many
ways. However, the Amiga is getting a new start, parented by Gateway 2000
but a child needing to become independant and self supporting thru
Amiga International and Amiga Inc.

I want the best person in this position of ICOA User Representitive.
I'm running because I don't know that I'm not.

You have to start somewhere, in a new start. For the first ICOA User
Representitive, a democratic vote is a good method. However, I believe we
should be able to replace this political flavor of vote with a more
certain user marketing plan, where a persons success will help qualify and
insure the best. However, this is a matter needing to be address and done
outside of the ICOA, thru and with Amiga International and then adopted by
the ICOA, once in order.

The ICOA is a developer based organization more closely related to the
development focal point of Amiga Inc., rather than the marketing focal
point of Amiga International. However, these focal points are not separate.

This can make it a real tough job for the User Representitive who must
keep the perspective of the user base in sight. Especially as the first
User Rep.

For myself, I see it this way:

Amiga Inc. is the dart board bulls eye and Amiga International is the
first circle surrounding this development point. The user base is the
second circle out.

The ICOA is the dart and the User Representitive is the one who must
guide the dart thru the user base and marketing circles to hit the bulls
eye where everyone wins.

As the ICOA user representitive, my focus on hardware and software will be:

Compatability and Versatility. The Amiga was known for these, but much has
changed and the Amiga needs to do more than catch up. And it can by
extending compatability and versatility to incorporate open system
modularity to both hardware and software. Giving many benefits to the
user, marketing and developers.

As a user rep., User Ease of Use of these things is a priority. However,
the ICOA is only a collective guide for independant hardware and software
developers, and the user rep. will only have one vote. It won't be enough
to just run surveys, questionaires for users to fill out. The User
Representitive must also have a vision consistant and supportive of the
many visions so many users have. I do and more, as many may know.

Bottom line: I'm an end user who wants and believes that equal opportunity
given to the users will allow the users to make a real difference, rather
than waiting with fingers crossed that someone else will.

Timothy Rue