V.I.C. Pictogram

If you have gotten here by going to the html source. You have applied
Place-Value Resolution Recursion. This is really good!

The pictogram, can be used in many ways but to start off:

The CENTER CIRCLE represents the V.I.C. Core or Application Program.

The SECOND CIRCLE out represents the second level or phase of development, the Definitions and Processes.

The THIRD CIRCLE out represents the End-User use level of the V.I.C.

And one way of using the THREE OUTER DIAGRAMS is:
Bottom = Place-Value : Top Left = Resolution : Top Right = Recursion.

The STRAIGHT LINES represent the relationships of the three diagrams to each other, and to the three levels or phases of the V.I.C.

Copyright © 1996, 2001 by Timothy V. Rue