AMIGA - Leading the way for change.

(a short overview of these web pages)

By: Timothy Rue 4/12/97

The Amiga has a history unmatched by any other computer system. With the entry of Gateway 2000 into the evolution of the Amiga, many must be wondering what is it that is so special about the Amiga that it would suffer and then survive so much.

Within these web page are the answers. Though the technology of the Amiga may be outdated, the sum total of this system is still holding it's own against newer technology. If there where any key words to all of this they would be "open system mentality" and "component integration" as it applies to hardware, OS, and software applications.

The Amiga is the only system over a decade old to be established, available and affordable to the consumer, while having been used in many professions, that has always been an open system.

There is much evolved around the Amiga thru it's supporters that is unmatched by the supporters of any other system. Simply because the Amiga made it possible to do so much more.

It is thru the history of struggle and survival of the Amiga that shows it was not only a leader in graphics, multi-tasking and system emulation for the consumer, but continues to lead the way for needed change thru-out the industry from a consumer level and perspective.

Though the technology incorporated into the Amiga may be outdated in comparision to newer technology, the sum total of all the Amiga is and has been, including it's history of struggle and survival, without question establishes the direction of things to come. And what this is, is the coming of "OPEN SYSTEM MENTALITY OF COMPONENT INTEGRATION thru components of hardware, OS's, and applications.

And this is what these web pages are about. These pages may not be pretty but contain information and perspectives supporting these changes. And there are links to other related information and resources.

Tim Rue

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