Issues Related to the Identification of Prior Art During the Examination of a Patent Application

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There is an article I wrote and posted in usenet in Nov. of 1996, and have
since reposted it several times. The last time I posted it, it seemed to
receive the most resistance.

The following is one small part of the article. One place where the mention
of GNP (Gross National Product) is very related to software/computer

"Maybe I'm wrong, but if I'm not then the current Amiga status will not
improve. SEI has already verified open systems are more productive. There
really is a major software development problem whos dollar is very much a
factor in the GNP. And the Amiga continues to go from one bad situation to
another and whos evolution has been in limbo for how long? And to think
the Amiga is in the hands of banks."

That article can be read in full at: nwor1.html

There have been those who applied effort to dismiss and cause others to
dismiss what I communicated. Part of the dismissing arguement was that the
Software/Computer industry is so small comparied to all other industries
that it has no real effect on the GNP.

I wrote this article in November of 1996, but the following is from the
Department of Commerce, Patent and Tradmark Office, and written in 1994.


These are indexes of those who testified/responded in person:

NOTE: Look who is on the sanjose index and what their perspective is!
(Hint: An Amiga Employee, Former Apple employee)

The following is the full context of this public hearing:
(note: the links in the above indexes don't work so you gotta get to what
those testifying have to say this way)


AND here is an incomplete copy of the written in comments:

So the question is:

Are those who try and discredit me and my communication just really
ignorant, or really deceptive? Maybe, more likely a bit of both!

While the above premise of the hearing is of promoting competition between
man and even nations, this premise is also the GRAND ERROR OF ILLUSION.

For it is NOT Man or even Nations that Man is in competition against, but
Man is REALLY in competition with his ability to work in accord with
physics and nature, to master these and life.

BTW: as added support that the GNP is affected by the computer industry,
MicroSoft was recently added to the elite list of companies that calculate
the DOW JONES ADVERAGE! Making MicroSoft itself a factor in the GNP. And
this was done right before Microsoft was determined to be a monopoly by a
court judge in the Department of Justice vs. Microsoft court case. Hmmm...

BONUS: In the spirit of Following the White Rabbit (The movie: The Matrix)
Do a search in the 1994 Patent and Trademark files above for "Wonderland".