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Latest release versions:
1.5.2 build #5, 1.6 build #1, 2.0 build #1

Conversion and Amiga specific code by Irmen de Jong

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UPDATE november 2002: from very reliable sources I know that AmigaPython might become part of the new Amiga OS 4.0 ! What AREXX was for AmigaDOS 2.x and 3.x, AmigaPython might be for the next generation of Amiga OS (and much more powerful of course)

PE03257A.png (4096 bytes)I've decided to cease support & development of AmigaPython. Please let me know if you're interested in taking this job. You'll also become the new owner of the AmigaPython homepage. E-mail: amigapython (at)

What is AmigaPython?

Amiga specific enhancements to the regular Python.

The "current" release (that is, info about the last release by me).

To download AmigaPython, go to Aminet.

AmigaPython 2.0 executable Patched for os.chdir() fix w/source diff - link addition by Tim Rue.

There will be no more patches or updates for AmigaPython by me.

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ŠIrmen de Jong.