Important Questionaire!

This message just very recently came to the ARise Mailing List, from noted and respected AmigaOS developer Carl Sassenrath. Just WHY Carl needs this information is not clear, but knowing Carl, he probably has some very interesting reasons up his sleeve! Please take a few minutes to fill out the questionaire, and send it to The Second Wind Mailing List, or Skal Loret. PLEASE: Do not contact Carl Sassenrath directly! Also, please do your best to follw the REBOL syntax in the questionaire!

I need your help!

If someone asked you "What is so great about the Amiga?", and you had only 10 or 15 minutes to show them, what would you demonstrate? I've been thinking about this, but I am not a normal user, so my answer is not a good "sample" of the market.

I could use the help of JMS! Could you organize a quick poll or collect data from previous surveys if they exist and summarize it by Friday. Please select someone to be in charge of this project and have them contact me.

Perhaps JMS already has this data! If so, just tell me (no flames)


What I would like to see is perhaps the 20-25 top choices (apps, games, MM, tools, OS features, whatever), the system requirements for each (in rough terms, ECS, AGA, MB mem, etc), the status of it (is it still made, sold, etc.). I am open to other suggestions, improvements.

Send me the results with each entry formatted like:

          [ "title"
          [ ECS AGA MB: 3  ... ]

Examples: [ "Scala MM" "Scala, Inc." [ ECS AGA MB: 2 ] SOLD ]

[ "Slick Demo" "Fred Amihack" [ ECS ] FREE ]

(WebHumans Note: REBOL Syntax demands that all strings be in vertical alignment.)

You can add other info and change it around, but please use REBOL syntax so I can automatically process it into HTML or other formats. (And easily reduce or tally it). If you don't know all the info (e.g.,. ECS/AGA) don't worry about it. Contact me if you need help with the format.

This will be a good test of JMS. I realize this is short notice. Do what you can.

Thank you for your help,

Carl Sassenrath