Many years ago a man yelled piracy. A man who has been said to have never
done anything original in his life, except for maybe being good at
marketing. Could he have known what was to happen? Perhaps not, but he
certainly must know today through the 20/20 vision of hindsight.

Today, it seem most all I see contains dishonesty. Perhaps it's much due
laziness, being dishonesty is so much easier. But this doesn't solve
problems, if anything helps to hide problems. Imagine the help one can
obtain from leading others on an illusional path, the cover-up support
from the deceived.

Tomarrow, I see computers being put into their proper place of being a
tool used to help in being productive, rather than a product in
themselves. I see an agreed upon modular design being used, enabling the
benefits of such. The ability of the end users, regardless of use, to
expand upon their system such platforms, hardware, OS's, and not to be
constrained by the expense we have today of changing platforms (in effect
limits competition at this expense level.) But to even be able to easily
combine platforms and OS's to overcome the weakness of one by the strengths
of the other. I see software piracy near gone, being replaced by PRM
software where it can be, and done so because of the cost savings.

But this is today and the needed changes, given the level of dishonesty
and laziness exposed, will likley not come easy.

The Amiga platform, for many reasons, is currently the best platform for
these changes to begin on, as it really already has.

Just as the reason for the level of difficulty existing to make the needed
changes, these reasons also apply to the difficulty I have encountered in
my years of effort to communicate the simple tool set of the V.I.C. It is
rare, if not non-existant, for me to receive feedback even suggesting a
potential productive attitude on creating this tool set. Yet, I'm very well
aware there is alot of money going into research. I suppose there is a
whole spectrum of reasons to dismiss the V.I.C. tool set. From the just
missing it all together to the fear of embarrassment of missing something
so simple, to the acts of dishonesty. All in all, such mind sets are not
likley to see it due to field specialization or the self limiting result
of the dishonest and lazy.

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm not - a grey area? But one thing is for
certain, it won't take much to create it and thru honesty find out.

I did not set out to create this tool set. I had no previous interest in
the field of A.I. or other related fields. But I sat down to use it, this
tool set, believing it already existed, but found it doesn't.

The following links are to posting that caught my attention in just one
sample of the newsgroups accessed. To those making the posting: We really
do want the same thing to happen, to advance technology and solve problems.

The last posting is edited from a responce I once receive from posting an
earlier, but incomplete, writting on the V.I.C. It contains my responce
to the un-named individual.

Tim Rue

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