There is currently my non-participation in the Usenet Newsgroups.
How this came about is far less important than why.

Not Long after my Web Pages went up, November 1, 1996, Carl Sassenrath
communicated something along the lines of change and advancement. That it
was going to be a battle.

But the only Battle I am aware of is the Battle to prevent change. The
battle to keep the traditional methodologies and business model in
place. Such methodology and business model that does nothing to provide
any real return of value to the users/consumers for all that they
genuinely do that improves and moves forward this computer technology and
it use.

The methodologies and business model are intentionally limiting to the
user and are designed to extract or redirect the values the users generate
into the hands of those who are in essence, dictators of what the users

So rebellion is only just another word to be wrongly used to help
accomplish the prevention of changes, the prevention of much needed

And as the terminology is intentionally blured, we have no change, the
users/consumers continued to be abused, stripped of their genuine value
and ability to do more for themselves.

Whether you are a kid or a rocket scientist, you put things together, and
this goes the same for all inbetween.

There is no physical or logical reason preventing computer technology from
moving to user oriented hardware and software modularity.

There is no lack of knowledge or need for complexity that prevents the
users/consumers from putting things together themselves. There is only
the dictatorship that keeps the simple and direct tools from being made
and made available to the users/consumers.

There is no valid excuse to not include the user/consumer in genuine value
return for that which they do that improves and moves forward the
technology in general as well as in specific areas and/or fields of use.

Sure I know just how real all of this is. I'm a user who does see how such
genuine change can be done and profitably for all involved.

I also see the rebellion, the unending efforts of so many against me, this
single end user.

And what does this one end user want to do with this technology?

I want to use it, create with it, solve problems with it and show others
how they can do the same.

So what is the problem?

It's the dictators who claim their expertise, or stupidity, in knowing
everything about me, though they have never met me. They claim they know
all about my talents and know all about what tools I need.

But they only know arrogance and greed. They know nothing about me or my
talents, only that I'm right about them, their arrogance and greed.

And how can I not know this about them? So many have made it clear thru
their rebellion against change.

Timothy Rue 2-22-99

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