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                                 Resume 8/91

                              Timothy Vincent Rue

                             Current Occupation:

                            Yon's Custom Cabinets

	Main Duty is Cutout though Tim does buildup, lamination, and
    various other duties.

                            Cabinetry Background:

        Eleven years experience working with table saws, radialarm saws,
    ban saws, routers, shapers, staple and nail guns, and a number of hand
    held power tools. Tim has worked alot with both laminate plastics and
    real wood cabinetry. Has done everything from cut stock to install and
    is well rounded in cabinetry experience.

                  Exhibit, Display, and Scenery Background:

        4/81 - 3/82 - He worked in set construction and painting for the
    following productions;
        Performing Arts Center's  - (Brevard County, Fla.): "King and I",
           "Carosell", "Sleuth", "Godspell", and "South Pacific".
        Erika Rappa Ballet's:  "Sleeping Beauty".
        Childrens Community Theater's:  "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"
           and "Pied Piper".
        On Stage Dinner Theather's:  "The Owl and the Pussycat" and "The

        Jack Link & Associates:  (Set Construction and Painting)
          -1983 Daytona Beach Spring Break. Job included sets for
           "Frangelico", "Mountain Dew", "Grolsch Beer", and a number
           of smaller jobs.
          -1984 Daytona Beach Spring Break. Shop Forman. Job included
           sets for "As The World Turns", "Honda", "Slim Jims", "Hawaiian
           Perfumes", and a number of smaller jobs.
          -1984 Memorex Convention, Orlando Fla.
          -1984 American Honda Convention, East Coast.
        Jack Link & Assoc. with Performing Arts Association:
          -"Man of LaMancha", Worked set construction, painting, tech.,
           and acting. Show toured to Vero Beach after Cocoa Fla.

        (Tim also worked most of the ins, outs, backstage, and loft (Fly
        systems) in the above productions and conventions.)

        Sugar Creek Studios, Inc.   9/85 - 9/86  Full-time.
          Tasks included: Build-up (fabrication), lamination, electrical
          (wiring light fixtures), sculpting (foam), installation, etc...
          He worked with variuos materials, depending on what the jobs
          called for, and was given freedom to determine how he would
          accomplish the tasks given him. For the most part Tim was
          assigned to the more diffucult jobs and tasks, helping to find
          solutions to fabrication problems that arose.

        Freeman Decorating Company   1/91 - 6/91  Temorary.
	  Hired to build booths but other duities varied from working the
	  show floor (supervising booth installation (AORN), rigging hanging
          signs (Comdex), stage I & D (Southern Babtist Convention and
	  Presidential Address of), to remodeling of FDC's breakroom and

                             Technical Background:

        From early 70's into 1981, helped many local bands (Brevard County,
           Fla.) as stagehand, soundman, and lightman.
        8/81 - 1/82 - He obtained over eighty hours cameraman experience,
           using CC011 equipment, taping mostly bands.
        1984 -  Cameraman for five - three day Beauty Pagents. Tasks
           included 1/4-split-screen-close-up-follow, done very well.
           Camera JVC KY2000.
        1984 -  Cameraman for Alburndale Grand Prix Kart Races, a three day
           event. Tim covered 2/3 of track. Camera RCA TK76C.

                             Education Background:

        Major course of study through school - Arts
           Covered such areas as drawing, painting, various crafts,
             Photography, film production, and theater.
        Secondary course of study through school - Electronics.
           Studied in high school and through Capitol Radio Engineering
             Institute. Has designed, built, and studied electronics on
             his own. Interest has faded, but can understand most tech.
             information. Will do minor repair work, good at soldering.
        Minor field of study - Business.
           Through College but mostly on his own.

                            Additional Information: