Address and other personal info. removed (3/12/98)

                               TIMOTHY VINCENT RUE


         * Seeking to enter the field of Animation/Multi-Media. Making such
           a career move is the next logical step given my background, both
           work, education and personal investment.


         COMPUTER WISE - 14 years.

         * Competent with AmigaDOS, PC\MS-DOS, Windows, Macintosh and UNIX
               at user level.
         * Animation - I know my way around Lightwave 3.5 well and have
                  produced a few short animations (limited to RAM). I make
                  use of my background in art, CAD, lighting, stage and
                  movement (camera as well as stage). With Modeling I pull
                  from my experience of building and high skill level of
                  mental form perception.
         * CAD - From cabinetry and exhibits I have explored CAD systems of
                  MicroStation, Design CAD 2D/3D, Casmate, Turbo CAD. From
                  personal equipment, Lightwave 3D v3.1, Accutrans, Pixel
         * Image Processing - Corel Draw, Toaster Paint, Photo Paint,
                  PhotoShop LE, ImageMaster R/t, Art Department Pro,
                  Image FX and a few other paint/image processing programs.
         * Have done some programming in C (Turbo C and SAS C) and BASIC.
         * Introduced to programming languages AREXX, AWK and ICON. As well
                  as HELM, a multi-media authoring system.
         * Shell and batch programing use. 4DOS, Csh, and other shells.
         * Personal equipment includes an AMIGA A4000, Video Toaster 4000/
                  Warp Engine 28Mhz/Emplant Mac Sys 7.5 and IBM 586
                  emulation/22 Meg RAM/2.75 Gig HD. CD-ROM 3x, Polaroid
                  CI-3000 film recorder. An A1000/2.5 Meg RAM/80 Meg HD.
                  IBM XT compatable. Two dot matrix printers and 14,400

         CONCEPT PRODUCTIONS  present.
            Being a small Trade Show/Exhibit House, I do most everything.
         From fabrication, warehouse, I&D, Graphics, etc.. My home base
         position is that of heading the Graphics/Design-Render/Detail
         department. In addition to this, I'm upgrading the company
         computer systems in both hardware and software with the objective
         of bringing in better CAD, rendering and graphics production
         abilities. With the additional goal of doing fly through
         animations and perhaps multi-media work. Currently my rendering
         work is done with LightWave on my personal equipment though plans
         are to get it up on Company PC's.

         IDEAS Inc. 11/92 - 6/94
            Hired to assist in graphics production (vinyl, cut-letters,
         silkscreen.) In addition to my hired position, I would repair and
         upgrade the computer systems in the graphics department in both
         software and hardware. On my own I worked to promote evolving
         the company into doing inhouse image generation/processing,
         animation, multi-media, with an eventual goal of virtual reality.
         And to do so with low cost and low risk while solving problems by
         integrating data from various departments. Made a personal
         investment in a Video Toaster 4000 system and additional software
         and hardware in order to communicate by doing/showing.

         VARIOUS COMPANIES. 1979 - present
            Over fifteen years experience in Cabinetry, Exhibit, Display,
         and Scenery fabrication. From cabinetry to theater to tradeshow,
         have done most all there is to do from the production end. From
         co-design of theatrical sets to set fabrication. From layout/cutout
         in cabinetry and exhibits to installation (I&D), decorating and
         rigging. Materials varied and often I'm given the more difficult
         tasks to complete and freedom to determine how I'll accomplish it.

         Early 70's - mid 80's
            Helped many local bands as stagehand, soundman and lightman as
         well as cameraman, using both consumer and professional level
         equipment. Camerman experience includes numerious beauty pagents
         and the 1984 Alburndale Grand Prix Kart Races.


         * Programming - Dekalb Tech (winter through summer quarter - 1990).
               BASIC and C programming languages, earning a 4.0 GPA.
               Placed on Dean's List while working full time.

         * Electronics - Capitol Radio Engineering Institute.
               "Minicomputers and Microprocessor Technology"
	       Working knowledge of intergrated circuit operation.

         * Arts - From Elementry to College, Brevard, Florida
               Major - drawing, painting, photography, film production,
               theater, and various crafts. Placed on Dean's List.

         * GPA 3.55 with 55 college credited hours.


         * 11/84 - 10/91 Yon's Custom Cabinets, Decatur, Georiga

         * 10/79 - 11/84 Creative Cabinets, Melbourne, Florida

         * Additional work references on request.

         * Sample renderings available on request.


         * Computing, research, writting and communication via internet.