Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces of the Big Picture (Some of my Slashdot comments)
The Future of Ideas-1.url - Reward but not thru exclusive use
Cringely On Gates' Free Software Connection.url - OSS inspired by Bill Gates failure
Lightweight Languages.url - Bit Flipping (easy or complex - how do you want your eggs?)

Making Linux Look Harder Than It Is.url - Not just Linux - ie. HTML and W3C
W3C Launches Technical Architecture Group.url - What doesn't work
W3C Launches Technical Architecture Group-1.url - How to fix it
Content Faction v. Tech Faction.url - W3C relationship? (Babling Politics?)

Content Faction v. Tech Faction-1.url - More than Copyright - VR Holodeck programming complexity
Software Engineering Body of Knowledge.url - Linux ideal for automation

How To Make Software Projects Fail.url - Faster development beyond the four minute mile - automation
The Future of Ideas.url - Making business on Linux work - automation in the hands of the users
Money in the Music Business.url - Making way for new talent to develope on it's own
Researchers' Right To Open Source Research.url - The need to change IP laws

Freedom or Power.url - Beyond which-craft and sourcery into the genuine science of abstraction manipulation
Physicists War Over a Unified Theory.url - Theory "IS"
The Age of Paine Revisited.url - The Forest got BIG
Volunteer Work Abroad.url - Volunteers around on mother earth, all to-get-her well now.

The Internet Shifts East.url - China doing good (world stock gamble) - It's about translation (and exceptions) - programming - (***search on "3seas")

Linux On the Desktop 0.24 Percent.url - Just another stab at OSS/GPL - also see: The Halloween Documents
Lawrence Lessig Answers Your Questions.url - Attack on slashdot users???
For The Love Of Open Source.url - Trying to corner a wild animal that needs to be wild
Free Software And Its Revolutionary Social Implications.url - Get your bets in, Nature wins

Cybercrime Treaty Signed.url - Ignorance of the Law is a symptom of a complexity illness.
Dutch Propose Digital Information Safes.url - Example of a tower to fall (let's not build towers!)
McAfee Will Ignore FBI Spyware.url - Double standards? Only the law and criminals have computer viruses? Removing incentive to be sick.