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      |                        (IP) InPut-set                  |

             IP - where to get "OI" input and what to get

    (IP) InPut-set - The concept of the InPut-set is to select the input
            device or program-port for OI to use and optionally *DEFINE*
            the input data *CLASS* tag. This is similar to input
            redirection control but with the ability to insert a
            processing step between the incomming input and destination
            variable. A process that can also generate a data *CLASS*
            tag. This input setting is contained in the PK-file and
            can only be altered by PK, but it can be bypassed by OI.
            Defaults to standard Keyboard as input device.

    *DEFINE* - This can be considered to be a pre/post-processor, if used,
             such as a filter, data type identification, or just a user
             created *CLASS* tag.

 "IP and OP" are just lines in the PK file and are defined above.

IP            only affects OI

     IP                             returns PK IP line

     IP -?                          help on IP