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***THIS TEXT IS NOT CURRENT - Provided only for historical reference.


      |                        (OP) OutPut-set                 |

             OP - where to send "SF" output and what to send

    (OP) OutPut-set - The concept of the OutPut-set is to select the
            output device or program-port for SF to use and optionally
            *DEFINE* the output data *CLASS* tag. This is similar to
            output redirection control but with the ability to insert a
            processing step between SF and the output device or
            program-port. This output setting is contained in the PK-file
            and can only be altered by PK, but it can be by-passed by SF.
            Defaults to calling device or program-port for output to, but
            can be set for standard out.

 "IP and OP" are just lines in the PK file and are defined above.

OP            only affects ID, IQ

     OP                             returns PK OP line

     OP -?                          help on OP