Virtual Interaction Configuration


Some words and definitions to understand and consider relationships between.

Virtual - being such in effect, though not in fact, but equivalent, so far as effect is concerned.

Interaction - intermediate, reciprocal action.

--- Intermediate - between points, stages, things.

--- Reciprocal - alternating interchange, correspondence. going back and forth.

Configuration - relative disposition of the defined parts of something, as viewed from an external perspective of the parts as a whole or set.

Core - the essential or central innermost part(s) of anything.

Resolution - the process or result of breaking something up into its simpler but essential set parts, components, elements.

Place-Value - an individual elements value, from and in relationship to, the defined set of elements and values it is a part of.

Recursion - the repeating of a defined process.

Place-Value Resolution Recursion - the repeating process of breaking an elements value up into its simpler but essential elements, using the value of an element selected from the element set result of the previous and same process.

Imagination - the process of forming a mental image of something not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived in reality.

Construct - to make, form or set in logical order by combining parts, components, elements.

Integration - the process of incorporating parts, components, elements into a larger defined unit, set, whole.

Vocabulary - a set of words, terms, codes, used by a language, group, or work or in a field of knowledge.

Language - a systematic use of a vocabulary set, including the sets rules for the formation and transformation of admissible expression.

Translation - the process or result of change from one language, form, expression, set to another of equal value, meaning.

Evolution - a process of change in a certain direction.

Constraint - state of being restricted, or compelled to avoid or perform some action.

Constant - continually occurring or recurring and without change.

Copyright 1996, 2001 by Timothy V. Rue