REBOL Tips and Tricks (For the AMIGA mostly)
Pipe Bridge v1.0 - The Original - For Rebol v1.0.0.1 (NO GUI with this SET)
*** See Below for SETs with GUIs AND Required Rebol Versions ***

By Simon Edwards

GPL (I guess)

So, you've downloaded Rebol, tried out a few scripts and thought:

"Well this is cool. Lets try and write something useful. How can I control a program ala Arexx?

- shuffle shuffle of html files -

What!? No rexx port support! Aaarrrgghhh!"

What this set of scripts lets you do is access Arexx ports from Rebol.

  • PipeBridge.lha - The original archive.

    Version 2.0 "PipeBridge Control & Monitor" SET - For REBOL

    Basicly just some minor changes from the original PipeBridge in order to get it to work with rebol v2. and a small change to the GUI to always print the startup credit line properly.

  • PipeBridge w/PipeBridge Control & Monitor GUI for Rebol 2.x.0.1.1- GUI Requires Gui4Cli Below!

    Version 1.2 "PipeBridge Control & Monitor" SET - For REBOL

    Rebol PIPE: device saving and reading has been fixed. Soooo...
    Here's an updated PipeBridge SET that includes an additional button to list the available Arexx ports.

  • PipeBridge w/PipeBridge Control & Monitor GUI for Rebol GUI Requires Gui4Cli Below!

    Version 1.1 "PipeBridge Control & Monitor" SET - For REBOL
    (handles Pipe: bug in this version of Rebol)

    This version of Rebol broke the ability of Rebol to read from the PIPE: device. It will "still" write to the PIPE:...

    Here's an updated PipeBridge that seems to be fairly reliable (not perfect). AND it includes a GUI definition file for use with gui4cli. So... Here is a way you can click on one icon and start up rebol, the pipebridge and monitor the pipebridge activity.

  • PipeBridge w/GUI modified to work around the rebol PIPE: reading bug.- GUI Requires Gui4Cli Below!
    A little tip for Amiga Users. (Create your own GUIs) ***REQUIRED for "PipeBridge Control & Monitors" above! ***

    The following link is to an Amiga application that lets you create you own GUIs to communicate with several facets of the Amiga like cli, shell, etc. and includes Arexx.

  • - GUI4CLI -

    Together with PipeBridge (when Rebol Inc. fixes rebols ability to read from the Pipe) you can begin making GUIs for your rebol applications. However, what you do with these will be Amiga end specific. But it doesn't mean you can't use rebol between these and other platforms to translate into platform independant messaging.

    Links To Rebol

  • The Rebol Company
  • A Rebol support site
    Links: Inspired by an Animal House set of posts to the Rebol ML

  • Complexity - Lambda Lambda Lambda.- Home Brew Needs longer Fermentation!!!

    For Those Who Need Lots of Complexity! And Hangovers!

  • - HOL index.html -
  • - secretscd.html -
  • - Lambda.html -
  • - lambda.calculus.html -
  • - lect-20.html -
  • - meta-lang-faq/ -

    And to really Get Bazaar in Church, while drunk!
    The Apex Issues of Intellectual Property Rights

  • The Cathedral and the Bazaar Series
    - I'm NOT saying that I Agree or will Forgive Drunken Addiction! - T.Rue

  • A Carl Sassenrath Questionaire!
    I don't know how old it is. Found it on the Web.

    REBOL Perspective:


    There is the intent of Rebol inc. to support platform independance here and it's planned to add in multi-media abilities as well as GUI building and a coding environment. To sum this up, at the risk of sounding negitive (but see it for the honesty I'm communicating here instead) I'd say it's Rebols intent to follow the same sort of direction others have in providing a free base and with this pull you towards purchase of other things (if you really want to create something with it.)

    The rebol/core being and intrepreted language is required in order to execute what code is written, much like web browsers, real audio, etc.. being required and often made free of charge. It's thru the use of them you'll be presented with more to buy.

    Clearly Rebol code can be embedded into html or whatever and run directly without editing out the html before and after it.