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The VIC is NOT a Scripting Language! It contains no vocabulary but vocabularies may be built and/or used thru it.

The VIC is a small command set that allows one to combine and control the vocabulary usage of programs, devices, function libraries, etc. It may be seen as a common point of direction control in the operation objective(s) given to the computer system(s).

* From a developer standpoint: It allows freedom to produce such work that may be accessed thru the vocabularity the developer creates and makes available. The developer has the freedom to make the vocabularity as simple or as complex, or combination of, as they may decide. But the advantages is in any VICabularies that may be included and/or made available separate from the developers work.

Note: VICabularities may include such documentation, examples, usage in action and/or other info/data/action, but in a form accessable to the customer in the easy to access and use form of what may be considered a dictionary(s).

* From an end user standpoint: The user may easily integrate various developers products thru a universal control mechanism into a personally and/or professionally customized system of streamed-lined user directed operation.

* From between the developer and end user standpoint: It allows one to create new, interesting and productive VICabularies on a level above any single or mulitple products developers create. This may include adding in natural language processing, translation, automated programming or such other VICabularies that help streamline user directed objectives.


From John Ousterhout of SUN Microsystems Laboratories:

"Scripting: Higher Lever Programming for the 21st Century"

John presents the growing value of scripting languages in the evolution of computers. The Virtual Interaction Configuration is beyond scripting languages in it's ability to intergrate many scripting languages and much more. The link to John's article is placed here in recognition of his hard work to document this growing value of scripting languages and for it's value as a stepping stone for going beyond.
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SEI - Software Engineering Institute

SUN Labs - Research

ADE - Amiga Development Environment

ICOA - Industry Council - Open Amiga

The ICOA presents the formation beginning of what can be a very important body of guidance for the evolution of OPEN AMIGA STANDARDS. Reading briefly over ICOAs' "The Daily Digest" I find I have concerns regarding: message 1, section details 1, subsection k ; message 1, section details 2, subsection e ; message 3, section on the short comings but most important #4. My concerns are in consideration of the allways having existed freeware objective of the VIC. Might ICOA stand for Industry Constraint Over Amiga? Do not mis-understand my concerns, I recognize the important value of a guild on establishing and maintaining standards.

Relaxing, showing Heart and just playing around with letters, while knowing the value of a label for communication needs:

* CAOS - Council Amiga Open Standards? Hmmm, wasn't this the letters of the original Amiga OS - Commodore Amiga Operating System? But didn't they dump it in their rush to bring the Amiga to market? Hmmm, "Newsbytes Executive Summary 05/20/97, TRENDS / ****Speed Isn't Everything." Nope we don't need the comedy of CHAOS, err CAOS. Sorry I misspelled it in the rush, but what would the `H' stand for in light of ICOA? Thasaurus time: Headlong would fit well with trends. How about Head, Header, Headship, Head-foremost, Head-dress, Head-piece, Head-gear, Helmet, Head-quarters, Headway, Headstrong, ... I'm getting a Headache so maybe we should Heed and Headstone the multi-Headed beast of Hell?

* What's the objective? To form a guild addressing open Amiga standards. G:O.A.S. (Guild: Open Amiga Standards) - see definition of "guild" in your handy dictionary. Hmmm, there is the actors guild, directors guild, screenwriters guild, etc.. Hmmm, would this name cause a re-evaluation of ICOA objective details? Hmmm, a developers guild, an end-user guild, a ______ guild for its' focused field of Research/Development/Application, etc. All in natural structure under GO AS.... in the map of intergration and productive interaction.

* Perhaps I just don't understand the ICOA objectives?

REBOL - mirror site of C. Sassenrath's REBOL development

Amiga Web Directory - Best source of Amiga information and links

AAi - An Atlanta Amiga user group

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If there is a title I give myself it would be "Integration Technician - I.T.", one of many evolving to deal with whatever IT all may be thru the honesty of wide-scope accountability, to remove the conflict of chaos thru the objective of understanding interactive integration to achieve ongoing productive value.