The web pages, you are about to access, may require you to see things from another perspective. The simplicity and versatility of the Virtual Interaction Configuration can present a problem for you, if you are looking for or expect to find the complicated. Do not be so quick to believe your not looking for something complicated. There is much you probably take for granite, don't give a second thought about, assume.

Don't assume anything. Understand any difficulty you may find yourself having, with the following, may be due to the simplicity of the habit of doing the same thing over and over. And it can be difficult to recognize this, when your the one doing it. Being to subjective, to close to see, can't see the forest for the trees, is probably the most difficult part of the Virtual Interaction Configuration to deal with.

The web pages you can access from here, will give you some tools to help you establish and keep an objective perspective. Personally, I would like to get directly to the what and how, only experience tells me it's important to have tools to help in keeping a proper perspective. It really is easy to get off track without an objective perspective. Also don't try to "jump the gun" or find a shortcut because there really is no shortcuts here. You will have to apply something contained within the text, a test for you to get past. And you'll be asked to do something that will let me know your ready. There is plenty to do, for everyone to both gain value here and contribute to this value shared.

Tim Rue

V.I.C. cover page and Visual Tool

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