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This page is composed for the purpose of focus in presenting a software based tool, it's potential for wide scope use, it's OSS and GPL based nature, along with the open request for help in creating/developing it (as well as automation uses of it). The focus begins with a big picture view, "What the World Wants" and recognizes the role of the open internet, open computing and closed counter productive efforts. The focus then narrows to "Problems in Computing" and recognizes the solution direction is of "automation", but again sees counter productive potential and efforts being applied. Then the focus is turned to the core functionality needed for "automation" solving, by anyone and everyone. - T.Rue/3seas

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The overall statement of the following is that "Open Pooled Efforts" have been extremely helpful in collecting together enough information to discover we have more then enough resources to solve all major problems in the world. The sub-message is that "open pooled efforts" can and have gone beyond all expectation that one might have of any non-open party, business or organization. But also that there is what seems to be an effort to restrict or constrain and/or control any internet based "open pooled efforts", so to extract money and/or to control, and perhaps contradicting "open pooled efforts" to the point of reducing the values obtained otherwise.

What the World Wants Tell the World about osearth Thanks to The_Trinity for the www.worldgame.org URL!!!

Snippets from a Usenet Post - (* additional notes):

I understand donations for the victims of Sept. 11th has gone over 1 billion US (* dollars) and in less than two months. (* Reported by President Bush. But it must be some sort of record smashing donation amount, not to mention the short time it took.)

Christian Childrens Fund for this fiscal year (* 2001) will have moved $105.9 million into programs /services to children. Each year they do better too. But that's a small drop in the bucket compared to the over 1 billion dollars people have given in less then two months to a great deal smaller group of people.

19 billion to eliminate starvation and malnutrition. At a rate of 1 billion every two months, we can do this in 38 months or a little over three years. (* according to What the World Wants, that's 19 billion needed per year)

Oh so it must be such a difficult to impossible task to solve world hunger especially when you include this into all the other things that are wrong in the world, that also need fixing.

But wait! Understand what the hell it is you are looking at on that link. (* What the World Wants)

Understand how exposing it is of those who promote the threat of war, of destruction, of death, like and including the prophesies. (* no contradictions - verse 8-10)

Understand that it is the giving of power to such things that prevent otherwise from happening. Otherwise being solving all the problems, not once, not twice but three times over.

For what is it really, that is preventing world problems from being solved, but nothing more than "threat"?

...there is alot more going on in the direction of the people taking control. How about a bit-o-foreign policy?

The Internet Under Siege
(* "Who owns the Internet? Until recently, nobody. That's because, although the Internet was "Made in the U.S.A.," its unique design transformed it into a resource for innovation that anyone in the world could use. Today, however, courts and corporations are attempting to wall off portions of cyberspace. In so doing, they are destroying the Internet's potential to foster democracy and economic growth worldwide.")

Oh but wait, that's just one small article right? - (* Sell Out: Blocking an Open Net)

Public Domain Conference Papers All of which are worth reading to better understand the frontlines of the battlefield....

But what are those papers and articles really?

Attempts to describe, define, understand and perhaps even control something new and of the power of people working openly and without the control of some leading (* controlling) party.

The following IBM Autonomic Computing, though generally correct in the identification of real software development problems and general solution directions of wide scope "automation", is presented in a light of white collar high dollar I/T class of Elite. IBM also seems to want to feed the public an illusions of artificial intelligence, though such a thing here is clearly a by-product of doing enough "automation." However, there is only statement of intended direction being given without the required specific core functionality even identified in basic form.

Autonomic Computing by IBM???
Snippets from the "Manifesto" written by Paul Horn: Artificial Intelligence - nothing is naturally that stupid!!!

"The Obstacle is complexity. Dealing with it is the single most important challenge facing the I/T industry.
It is our next Grand Challenge."

"... -- and too few of us are focused on solving it."

"In fact, the growing complexity of the I/T infrastructure threatens to undermine the very benefits information technology aim to provide."

"Ask I/T customers what they want, and they'll tell you: let me concentrate on setting the business policy for, say, security, then have the system figure out the implementation details"

"many established fields of scientific study will contribute to autonomic computing."

"This is Bigger than any single I/T company."

"It's a vision that requires the involvement of the top minds in the technology community. That's why we're forming an advisory board of leading academic and industry thinkers to help define our autonomic research agenda. We're also consulting with a large group of customers and I/T partners as part of our eLiza project to define a strategy for bringing autonomic innovation to products."

"We call on our academic colleagues to drive exploratory work in autonomic computing. We propose that the research community recognize it as an important field of academic endeavor. We also call on our partners at government labs to collaborate with us on crucial projects in this area. We plan to fund a regular stream of academic grants to support research in this area, and we call on others in the I/T industry to do the same."

"Finally, we call on the entire I/T industry to refocus its priorities on this essential goal."

"The days of pushing proprietary agendas and strategies are over: Our customers deserve better:"

IBM Leads in U.S. Patents for seventh consecutive year.
IBM Patents Web Page Templates

Huh? What was that... "The days of pushing proprietary agendas and strategies are over: Our customers deserve better:"

Ah!, but what is this?:

Coase's Penguin, or, Linux and the Nature of the Firm (A 42 page work by Yochai Benkler - A Professor of Law)
"At the heart of the economic engine of the world's most advanced economies, and in particular that of the United States, we are beginning to take notice of a hardy, persistent, and quite amazing phenomenon--a new model of production has taken root, one that should not be there, at least according to our most widely held beliefs about economic behavior. It should not, the intuitions of the late 20th century American would say, be the case that thousands of volunteers will come together to collaborate on a complex economic project. It certainly should not be that these volunteers will beat the largest and best financed business enterprises in the world at their own game. And yet, this is precisely what is happening in the software world." - Yochai Benkler

IBM recognizes this force of "open pooled effort" being applied through Linux as IBM "appears" to join in (clearly for corporate profit goals).
Linux (at IBM)

Virtual Interaction Configuration
Knowledge Navigational Mapping
(click on pictogram image)

Prior Art - See Written Comment #4 to a USPTO RFC (a .doc file)
KNMVIC - html version of Prior Art Comment #4 to a USPTO RFC

Legal, simply GPL in nature but stronger in defense.
Some useful: definitions, equations, and concepts.

OS User Interfaces - Optimal Requirements.
this section is under construction

The Nine Action Constants, (NAME for Basics), (COMMAND for Details)
V i r t u a l   I n t e r a c t i o n   C o n f i g u r a t i o n
N A M E COMMAND P l a c e K e e p e r   F i l e  ---- f i l e   l i n e   V a r i a b l e s
Activate Interaction AI path/AI-name.number Original PK-file & path/dir. Current path/directory
PlaceKeeper PK current PK-filename previous/alt. PK-filename default PK-filename
Obtain Input OI current OI-filename previous/alt. OI-filename default OI-filename
InPut Setting IP current IP setting previous/alt. IP setting default IP setting
OutPut Setting OP current OP setting previous/alt. OP setting default OP setting
Sequence Files SF current LPC Flags pre./alt. LPC Flags SFfilename@line#
filename@line#,filename@line#,filename@line#,,,(execution stack)
Index Queue IQ IQ-Flags pre./alt IQ-Flags IQ-fname@line#
filename@line#,filename@line#,filename@line#,,,(search stack)
IDentify ID ID-Flags pre./alt. ID-Flags ID-fname@line#
filename@line#,filename@line#,filename@line#,,,(comparision stack)
Knowledge Enable KE Master Teeth Pre./alt Master Teeth KE-Filename

V.I.C. Development using monty- Python
Arguement for a "Python Installed" system (usenet post)
Additional arguement/clairification for supporting user creativity via detail automation. (slashdot comment post)

Some Slashdot Comments of mine.

Request for Feedback and Help:
On how might the project be broken into parts that will more likely get done and then doing it? Email Me.

Overview of Virtual Interaction Configuration Current Public Information and AREXX CODE

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