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Some offsite links may not work anymore, but the following on site links are valid. Any other on site links you may find not working are placeholders for information I've covered in some newsgroup. Use Deja to search newsgroups.

There is much in the way of my communications to the Amiga community to be found thru Deja/google. But I warn you, many present a picture of me that is a dishonest fabrication, in order to deny who I really am, both to themselves and in attempt to get others to follow their denial. Know I'm an AMIGA User!

These web pages where created using Ibrowse web browser and show up the way I intended them to. Other browsers, I'm not sure how they show my web pages.
There are many links on this web page!!!
AUTO-CODING.txt: IQ Added 9/8/01
The VIC IQ command written in Python:Python-IQ
Also contains some updated VIC related web pages. Added 7/4/01
Also see Matrix-Squared and bottom of this page for more links about the VIC (Virtual Interaction Configuration.)
My other web site: http://home.earthlink.net/~threeseas/
Contains pictures I took while in Europe and a few files for this site that were moved there to make room here. Added 7/4/01
Virtual Interaction Configuration (V.I.C.) related:
Responses to the Patent and Trademark Office RFC on Prior Art.
Added 11/17/99 -- Last Updated 11/28/99 to include Responses to a 1994 RFC on software patentability.
Follow the White Rabbit!
AI and vic.library work by Robert L. Dickinson - Added 10/7/99 - last updated 2/10/00
Links that help present a bigger Evolving picture! - Added 9/20/99
THE MATRIX SQUARED - Simplified pages! - Added 5/7/99

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  • What Is The Matrix? - The Movie - web site

  • The Matrix - Real Life - read the whole article to find where Bill mentions his matrix to the reporter

  • MicroSoft in trouble- A focal point link to the Microsoft trial

  • The Real World Matrix - Real Life Signs - RESULTS!


  • The Warner Bros. Threaded Forums for THE MATRIX- What all did you miss? Come Find out!

  • My Collected Posts From THE MATRIX Threaded Forums- What you missed? - Added April 27, 1999

    Take the READ pill and access the . Deja Rue . MATRIX GLITCHER!

    insert code = timrue@mindspring.com

    **** Another good place to: Take the READ pill and access. Neo Tech Site Search ****

    try inserting such codes as Matrix or Jujitsu or Oracle.

    TRINITY? MORPHEUS? CYPHER? Or are you an AGENT SMITH at the moment? What's at STEAK?

    Revelations? - Added April 30, 1999

  • What I Neo Know!!!

  • Clips of Patent Information ..Relating to Virtual Interaction Configuration - Added April 4th 1999

  • Add it Up for Yourself - Links - Added April 4th 1999

    A Question Answered before it was asked!

  • A blinding twilite? -Reference to the Amiga99 show - Added March 16th 1999

  • A Message to the Amiga community about resistance to change. - Was temp home page

    What happens when you deny a person their ability to defend themselves?

    Another "Spanish Inquisition"?

  • The Rebellion Against Change - Added Feb. 23rd 1999

  • NEW IQ LINKS - IQ v0.7, v0.9, IQ Q&A, and a GUI start for IQ using GUI4CLI - Added Jan. 9th 1999

  • Anti User LINKS - KOSH, OwlNet and Cluetrain Added 1-10-99 - Updated 4-30-99

  • GUI4CLI - offsite link - GUI For CLI -- A VERY IMPRESSIVE component software application , and example of component software. This component is for creating your own GUIs and is very useful for creating a GUI for command line type of interfaces such as Cli, shells, AREXX, IQ/VIC, REBOL and more!!! It's only getting better, more powerful!

  • Rebol Tips and Tricks- A web page containing tips and tricks with Rebol. Right now it only has "PipeBridge" (a set of Arexx and Rebol scripts that allow Rebol to communicate with applications thru their Arexx ports.)
    Last Updated 11/28/99


    Directions to take in forever removing the closed, and to often locked, Door from the Passageway of Advancement Freedom for all of us.

  • Directions and Examples!

  • Sunday Oct. 4th #MAE98 IRC log with Kermit on ICOA and Carl Sassenrath on REBOL

    I find what both of these people have to say very interesting. What Kermit says about ICOA specifics in supporting the development community can be applied to the user community, though similar yet user oriented information, perhaps thru UGN (especially given the recently announced directions of the UGN.) I'm sure Carl will be following similar directions as ICOA and UGN with REBOL information thru the REBOL alliance (distributor). But Carl says alot more about REBOL and his attitudes regarding traditional programming language directions. Much of what Carl communicates reflects my own communications over these past two years plus, thru web pages, newsgroups and other medias (which left me with no questions to ask Carl, at least not any question that would be received correctly by the near 70-80 people logged on.) It was also announced at MAE98 that there will be a AmigaOS update to 3.5

  • ICOA - offsite link Industry Council Open Amiga
  • UGN - offsite link actually Amiga.org which is the same for UGN
  • AMIGA Inc. - offsite link Amiga Incorporated
  • REBOL - offsite link Carl Sassenrath Internet Based Programming Language.

    And Related - CORBA & JAVA Marriage:

  • OMG CORBA - offsite link
  • OMG/CORBA for non-programmers - offsite link (read and note what is said about non-programmers)
  • JAVA - offsite link
  • JAVA and Digital Convergence? - offsite link
  • This logo "IDEAS" is the trademark of an Exhibit company. The Animation is my own work. Timothy Rue. Lightwave animation: This Animation is about 1.35 megs in size and will be the first thing removed in making room when needed.

  • WCDB Radio @ S.U.N.Y.A. WCDB Radio - A Storm Is Comming, so it's just the main link. But look thru the "TalkShow 91" pages for the July 5, 98 Interview. **** Thanks Fongaboo and Paul! The call in, Mr. Dean?? and the man that sat beside him ;-) (S.L. you really have been busy, haven't you?!)

  • VIC
    VIC IQ Command and test files: (See near bottom of this page for more on the VIC)
  • KNM.lzx - An Archive of various VIC text based files, including IQ v0.31. Contains the auto-coding example that was posted to the newsgroups. Posted 8/19/98
  • v0.3 IQ.rexx - Added helpful command options: Better Command Syntax help, Ports Listing, Unique Key Listing, Silence Warnings option (useful in auto-coding).
  • rexxtricks.iq An IQ file of the rexxtricks.guide.
  • v0.2 IQ.rexx and Test files - File key implimented. Allows search to go into other files recursively but WITHOUT searching what has already been searched.
  • v0.1 IQ.rexx and TEST.iq file
  • THOR_AREXX.iq file

  • Early Amiga Influence - Artificial Intellegence - Amiga Atlanta Workbench vol2 #5
  • Online Support Map and Business Opportunity- An Information Focal Point

  • POLITICS ICOA (Industry Council Open Amiga) User Representitive "Trial/Failed" Election
  • My Election Statement
  • JMS Election Page
  • ICOA

  • Big picture win
  • Controversy
  • Simple Solutions to complex sounding problems

    Enough With POLITICS!!!

  • MORE: Doing the Job of ICOA User Representitive
  • The Plan = Team Work

    Links to the web pages of those also running:

  • Bill Borsari
  • Craig Delahoy
  • Paul Haggins

    Relavant article: Jeff mentions standards (Intellectual Property)

  • Jeff Schindlers persentation at the Gateway 98 show.

  • The Links Below came about before the Above. (Except the picture of myself.)
    EARLIER WEB PAGES (Still Important and linked to in the above) Former "index.htmls' of my web pages.
  • cindex.html
  • aindex.html
  • bindex.html
  • index-old.html
  • index-p12-3-97.html
  • index-p6-24-97.html
  • index-p6-28-97.html


  • 1-28-95-Amiga.html-- Amiga on a Card???
  • overview.html
  • AVV.html-- Pre Gateway 2000


  • ethics.html-- An index of articles
  • Read-me-first.html-- The Full Spectrum
  • 0-deception.html
  • 1-Irvin-Gould.html-- Anger with Commodore but solution direction given
  • 2-A4000-trouble.html-- Negitive Wave effect of Commodore felt all the way to this end user.
  • 3-tugofwar.html-- Business teamwork!
  • 4-After-Gould.html-- I'd done much better had there not been a negitive Commodore wave!!!
  • 5-Another-Co.html-- Production concepts (a start)

  • 8-12-96-vis-input-req.html-- Communication efforts to Viscorp
  • 8-19-96-hardware.html-- " "
  • 9-16-96-viscorp-jc.html-- " "
  • 9-28-96-JC-Viscorp.html-- " "
  • a10-10-96-vis-jc.html-- " "

  • NGWP-CROSP.html-- Newsgroup Crossposting
  • nwor1.html-- Nothing Happens without reason (CMU SEI "Open Systems" research)
  • PAN.html-- Public Awareness Needed (regarding computer industry)
  • readme-last.html-- Yesterday, Today, Tomarrow.

  • Piracy86.html-- Software Piracy Solution - general concept
  • sponsorV2.html-- More on Software Piracy Solution w/a little history

    Amiga Atlanta Inc (user group)

  • 9-14-96-AAi-presentat.html
  • a10-21-96-AAi-essence.html

    AMIGA In.

  • ATPAIC-1.html-- A talk with Petro (intro)
  • ATPAIC-2.html-- " " (Petro)
  • ATPAIC-3.html-- " " (Comdex)
  • ATPAIC-4.html-- " " (conclude)
  • TDFIM.html-- The Dream Factory In Motion
  • I-Petro.html-- An Interview with Petro
  • E3-plus.html-- 1997 E3 show

  • Jaystale.html
  • Media_Perspective.html-- A change towards "Open Systems" open system mentality.
  • Modular_Systems.html
  • ---Enclosures.html-- Packaging first as a support issue rather than a design issue.
  • A_recap.html-- A recap of what is comming and why.

  • vic-intro.html
  • vic-contents.html
  • pro-vic.html
  • vic-must-read.html-- Legal, definition, equasions and concepts.
  • vic-objective.html
  • vic-construct.html
  • AI.html
  • PK.html
  • OI.html
  • IP.html
  • OP.html
  • SF.html
  • IQ.html
  • ID.html
  • KE.html
  • gotchavic.html-- previously hidden
  • KC.html-- Knowledge Calculator: An earlier writting on the VIC
  • VIC-csh.html-- Comparision to csh
  • VIC-basic.html-- other general info.
  • last-post.html-- Comparision and Not setting rules, only providing the gears and bearings.
  • Table1.html-- Table of commands and PK file
  • CPIAC.html-- contains Arexx code beginning.

  • Another-CFP.html
  • 3-posts.html

  • ME
  • abouti.html
  • resume91.html-- removed personal info.
  • resume95-anim.html-- removed personal info.
  • Here I am, not in the best of moods.

    COPYRIGHT that applies to a few of my web pages that link to it. Otherwise Copyrights are standard (full), unless otherwise noted.

  • copyright.html
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