tim rue  bar This web site is dedicated to exposing the very costly illusions fabricated by the computer industry. Of the consumer available computer systems today, the current better system design philosophy is found with the AMIGA.   As you read what is presented here, perhaps you too will come to realize this and why.

There has been an abundance of negitivity towards my efforts by many, yet coinsidence only goes so far and it's way beyond this. With this in mind, I should be getting paid to spell out the big picture and many of the details that so many are to profit from. If for any reason, so that I may better focus my time in such efforts. There are some issues I'll not publicly post.

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The MAIN Challenge of the Computer Industry
PROJECT: Virtual Interaction Configuration
Projects Current Focus
Automated Programming Possible NOW
Artificial Intelligence: A By-Product Illusion
Software Solution Direction

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The SECOND Challenge of the Computer Industry
Modular Concept of Hardware Components
Hardware Solution Direction

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The PEOPLE Challenge of the Computer Industry
Public Awareness Needed
Piracy  &   PRM/Sponsor-ware
The Tug of War of Income and Competition
People Solution Direction

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A talk with Petro (Intro.)  (Petro)  (Comdex)  (Conclude)
The Dream Factory in Motion
An Interview with Petro. By Aaron Ruscette

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