vic Virtual Interaction Configuration
for Knowledge Navigational Mapping and General Automation
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Some useful Definitions, Equations, and Concepts.

Optimal Operating System User Interface requirements, to take full scope advantage of the V.I.C. - IQ parse-able General Information on the V.I.C., from Prior Art Comment to a USPTO RFC

V i r t u a l   I n t e r a c t i o n   C o n f i g u r a t i o n

The Nine Action Constants, (NAME for Basics), (COMMAND for Details)
N A M E COMMAND P l a c e K e e p e r   F i l e  ---- f i l e   l i n e   V a r i a b l e s
Activate Interaction AI path/AI-name.number Original PK-file & path/dir. Current path/directory
PlaceKeeper PK current PK-filename previous/alt. PK-filename default PK-filename
Obtain Input OI current OI-filename previous/alt. OI-filename default OI-filename
InPut Setting IP current IP setting previous/alt. IP setting default IP setting
OutPut Setting OP current OP setting previous/alt. OP setting default OP setting
Sequence Focus SF current LPC Flags pre./alt. LPC Flags SF-filename@line#
filename@line#,filename@line#,filename@line#,,,(execution stack)
Index Queue IQ IQ-Flags pre./alt IQ-Flags IQ-filename@line#
filename@line#,filename@line#,filename@line#,,,(search stack)
IDentify ID ID-Flags pre./alt. ID-Flags ID-filename@line#
filename@line#,filename@line#,filename@line#,,,(comparision stack)
Knowledge Enable KE Master Teeth Pre./alt Master Teeth KE-filename
opt. previous/alt. set of Master Teeth | pre./alt. Master Teeth | KE-filename

Stand-alone IQ & ID Commands Development & rest of VIC integrated using monty-Python

7-27-03 dated .zip archive of all this Including what might not be otherwise accessable here online.

Overview of VIC and comparison to csh An AREXX code beginning - only for reference
Copyright 1996, 2001, 2002, 2003 by Timothy V. Rue